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I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!

I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based 

photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!


Donuts & Sprinkles for Lauryn | Norwich 2-Year Birthday Session


Her eyes glistened with mischievous intent, and her arms went up. She twirled around and around until she lost her balance and collapsed in a bunch of giggles. Her mom and I couldn’t help but laugh. The residue of the sprinkles on her cheeks was the perfect touch. The sugar-filled donut likely added to her energy level, but that only made this girl birthday session more fun.

She demanded to have her jacket on once again, and proudly looked at her silver shoes. This little girl’s world is so full of joy, and it was totally contagious! Lauryn is the first baby that I have been able to capture with my camera her whole life, and I’m very honoured. Now that she’s two, I think it’s safe to say that she is no longer a baby. She loves to run and jump. She runs to her Mama and gives her a great big hug, “I love you, Mommy!”

What do I love about photographing little girls? I mean, what is there not to love about it? Those little details; her hands, her pearl necklace, and those gorgeous brown eyes! When she dug into her donut, she made sure to catch every sprinkle that was tempted to fall on the floor. She finished every last bite, and after her hands and face were washed, there was still a hint of the stains that the sprinkles left around her mouth. Everything about this session was happy, and I hope it makes you smile!

See this little girl’s 6-month session HERE.

She’s just so excited about that donut!


March 21, 2019

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What It’s Like Being a Mompreneur


I’m locked in my office. Well, not actually locked in, but enough so that my kids don’t see that I’m in there. The noise can be distracting, but I’m getting better at tuning it out. Then something happens. They all laugh! Not just Jenelle, or one of the boys. No, every single one, including my husband. It happened again. Something absolutely hilarious that I happened to miss because I’m stuck in here. Working to make this thing called photography work. Working to make a living. And while I know that it’s okay; they understand, the heap of guilt just got a little bit bigger. I just missed something, and I’ll never get that moment back, because I’m stuck here. Behind my desk. Hustling. Being a mompreneur.


It’s been 17 years to the day that I first set foot on Canadian soil. My parents, four siblings and I just flew from the Netherlands to start a new life on a dairy goat farm just outside of Norwich, Ontario. Life was good. Well, actually, not really. I was 11 years old, and had been the subject of bullying in Europe already. Innocently, I made the mistake of taking that self-image with me when I started attending school in Norwich, and my fellow students quickly took advantage of that.

I was a bubbly and energetic grade-6er, with a red tint to her gorgeous brunette curls and freckles splattered all over my face. Now I look back and think that I was just adorable, but at that time, not so much! Slowly, I lost my self-confidence to the point of severe depression. To the point where I wasn’t even able to graduate high school.

My Grade 8 yearbook picture


My little point and shoot camera died at some point during the summer of 2015. I started looking at getting a “big camera” for some reason. After chatting with Bertus, we decided to go ahead and purchased my first DSLR; a Nikon D5300. I realize that to most of you, this means nothing. It is pretty much just a very small step up from a basic entry-level camera. Boy, I was so proud!

One of the first family get-togethers held after that, I took it with to practice. My sister-in-law came up to me and asked me if I was going to be a photographer now. I hadn’t even considered it, to be honest. And my first thought was NO!!! I think that anyone looking for a service deserves to get the best, and I wasn’t anywhere near ready to go there.

After being asked to do pictures for a few friends and family members, and seeing how it impacted them… it started to impact me. And I fell in love, all over again. This time with photography.

Here is a picture of my first session; my two adorable nephews!


It was time to buckle down, and start hustling. At first I was happy with being a “beginner” but I think any entrepreneur starts to tire of that mentality soon. We all want to grow. And that desire to get better is what drives us. We start pushing to get out of that “beginner stage”, and it’s not always easy. There are so many ups and downs when you own your own business. The ups are what keep us going, while the downs are what keep us growing.


When you own your own business, you have the luxury of setting your own business hours. And that can be amazing! It can also be very tough. Because, let’s be honest, when you want something bad enough, you lose track of time. And when you work from home, that can mean that things like laundry and cooking fall by the wayside. Now, when you work from home and you happen to have a few little munchkins (four in my case), that makes things extra difficult.

Being a mom means changing diapers, lunch at a reasonable time, stories, and any other distractions that they bring with them. Being a mompreneur means you have even less time during the day, which often translates to even later hours at night. Mama’s gotta hustle! But there comes a certain time in any business where you realize you have to start treating it as a business. With business hours. And limits on yourself. And that is the toughest part. Because your passion for your work is still so strong!


When you receive an inquiry for a job that gets you really excited about, but it happens to come in later at night, you automatically want to reply right away. You want to give that potential client the best experience you probably can. But it’s so important to come to the realization that it can be better for both of you to set limits. Replying to emails during your official (or unofficial) business hours conveys that you are taking this seriously. Sticking to pricing shows that you know your worth. And this is not only good for you when it comes to stress levels. This is even better when it comes to how it impacts your relationships. When you have evenings available to spend with your hubby after the kids are in bed, he appreciates it.

My husband knows that it’s not always possible. Hy understands that I try hard and therefore appreciates the times where things work out and we get to have an adult conversation. And he forgives me for the times when I take on too much and it starts to wear on both of us.

Today I’m listening to THIS PODCAST from Cultivate your Life with Lara Casey, and you really should too! Learning about how to number your days makes you think twice about hustling


I want to be a mom and a wife first, but I understand that being a mompreneur means that this is a constant struggle. But it’s so worth it! I am working very hard at figuring out how to time block, so I devote the right amount of time to my business and to my family. I also have to set different goals for my business, starting with how I devote my Saturdays. I love weddings; they are my passion, and since most weddings fall on the last day of the week, this mompreneur has to count that as part of the sacrifice she has to make. But that means that the Saturdays when I don’t have weddings are mine. As of this year, I am no longer taking sessions on any summer Saturday. There are exceptions to this rule, feel free to contact me for details.

Saturdays at the beach are the best way to end the week!


Having purpose. For 7 years I was “just” a mom. There is no such thing as “just” being a mom. Being a mom is all-consuming, life-giving, and one of the most humbling experiences that a woman can ever go through. When I found this passion of mine, I realized that it was the icing on the cake, but the cake was just a little harder to get right. The cake is still the most important thing though. When the cake falls flat, it doesn’t matter how amazing the icing is. So if you’re a mompreneur, remember that focusing on your family is good!

Now let’s get started on the business part of being a mompreneur. I get it, you want to succeed. I’ve been there. I’m still there. In my head, I know that being a successful family and wedding photographer reflects on my reputation. So I work hard. I hustle. And because of that, I’ve been feeling so much better about myself. I applaud women who work in addition to having a family. Working outside of the home is a different sacrifice, but it’s no more or less hard than being a working-at-home mom.

I’m excited to use the talents that God gave me and impacting my family and wedding clients with the DVI experience. But above all, I’m excited for all the opportunities that will open up because of the fact that we have this extra income. I know I have to work hard for it. I know that there are times when things are going to be difficult. But the thought of being able to go on another trip like our cross-country trip last summer keeps me motivated! (See HERE for some Instagram posts from our trip)


An incredible woman gave me some incredible insight last week; she mentioned that it always seems like I have everything together. I asked her about it today, and this is what she told me: “I’ve always admired your photography – it evokes such romance in the way you capture love so elegantly. I feel lucky to have worked with you and you’re always so polished, professional and seem to have it all together. Always smiling, proud mom and wife. You are definitely an inspiration.” This woman happens to be Angila Peters, an incredible supporter of mine and an amazing business coach! (Learn more about her HERE.)

It hit me; things are never the way they seem. But at the same time, they are never the way we see them ourselves. So it’s a good thing to find a support system in your community, like I’ve done. They help keep you motivated, while at the same time telling you that you’re imagining things when you’re being too hard on yourself. At the same time, it’s a great way to still feel connected to society, especially when things get a little lonely at home.

Visiting Sioux Falls on our cross-country trip during the summer of 2018 was all possible thanks to me being a mom-preneur


This 3-year-long journey has been incredible. I’ve learned so much in my business. Aperture, the best lighting to achieve my sunny and colourful style, but most of all, I’ve learned that there are positives and negatives when it comes to being a mompreneur. I’ve learned that having to hustle to make things happen has made me learn faster, that limits are not just good for my business, but also for my family. And I actually have also learned that setting scary-big goals is the best way to grow! But that’s a whole other blog post for another day, because this lady is signing off and going to cook dinner. Have a wonderful week, y’all!


February 25, 2019

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The First Vendor A Bride Should Book


Wedding photography is not just what I do. It’s my passion and so much more! I live for the look on a groom’s face when he first sees his bride! The emotion of a bride being walked up the aisle by her father is almost tangible to me! My job means so much to me because of those moments! And I feel honoured to be a part of your big day. Let me tell you why your photographer should be the first vendor to book!

Apps Mill Proposal Session


There is a reason you are so intimidated by photography, and why it is such a big decision for most couples; it’s one of the more long-lasting relationships that you can envision. Photographers, along with wedding planners, are the people that are with you the most on your wedding day! Therefore it is super important that you get along well with your wedding photographer. And that means it’s not just important to you, it is to me as well!


He just popped the question, and you said “YES”! With a lot of excitement, of course. Whether you knew it was coming, or it was a huge surprise; it’s a moment you will remember for a very long time! I still remember mine; the one thing that really stands out is the fact that we found a super cool tree frog in the field at my parent’s farm (Did you know that they live up here in Ontario? I had no idea!). The other thing that I remember was the fact that Bert was super nervous! And I know I’m not the only one who says this, I’ve heard it from so many engaged couples!

Girl surprised by proposal (black & white)


Some boyfriends go all out and take their girlfriends to some big hockey game where the big question gets displayed on the big screen or even take her to another country to pop the question. Others, like my husband, find it more important to do something low key and get down on one knee in a field somewhere surrounded by the crickets. Either way, I’m sure yours was super special and there was a reason for him to propose to you the way he did!


Then come the big decisions; your wedding party, and the date of your big day. I know I was super excited to ask all our groomsmen and bridesmaids to be a part of their wedding day. I knew what an honour it was to be asked.

Even though I was not a photographer back then, I recognized the importance of those photographs; they would be the only reminders I’d be left with afterwards. So Bert and I decided that we were willing to spend good money on a great photographer. Someone we could see capturing the moments that mattered most to us. And we did!

man hugging woman wearing engagement ring

1 | Photographers book many, many months in advance

We were lucky enough to find a great photographer, whose character we could really get along with, quite quickly! Not all couples are that lucky. We reached out to several photographers shortly after we got engaged. Some of them were already booked. We were calling about 8 months ahead of our wedding, but photography was not as saturated of a market then as it is today. This is good for you, it means you have more options available. On the other hand, your choice could be more difficult. Some photographers book weddings as far as 2 years ahead! So contacting your preferred photographers shortly after you’re engaged can really help you get the photographer you most admire! This is especially important if you’ve chosen to get married at your wedding location’s busiest season!

Like for example, in Ontario, it would be anywhere from the middle of May till the end of October; with the busiest part being July and August. In Arizona, however, where it’s just too hot to get married in the summer, high season falls in Spring and Autumn. It is a great idea to follow your favourite photographers on Instagram or Facebook so you can have a sense of when their busiest time is. Then you can plan around that if having a certain photographer is that important to you (which we understand completely). This makes us as photographers feel valued. And is a great start to your relationship with your photographer.

2 | Have your engagement session when you’re just engaged

The first order of business, once you book your wedding photographer, will be to schedule your engagement session. As a photographer, I cannot stress the importance of having an engagement session enough! It’s a great way to make sure that you love your wedding photographer as much as you hope to. It also helps instill the trust that you will receive wedding images that you’d expect from him or her!

When you’re just engaged, the experience is fresh in your mind. There is even a bit of a honeymoon phase after your engagement. Photographers love capturing couples within the first month or two of their engagement. You are still so focused on their connection; the reason why he asked and you said “Yes!” Some couples would like to send their guests “save the date” announcements as soon as possible so they can share in the excitement. As a photographer, I deliver my couple’s engagement images within two weeks, which is great for that exact purpose.

Happy newly engaged couple

3 | Photographers have many contacts in the wedding world

When you sign your contract with your wedding photographer, you have a great resource at your disposal! Most wedding photographers have a lot of contacts in the wedding world. They definitely have the biggest variety of vendors in their contact list. They can tell you which wedding planners they like working with (if you’re going that route), what venues are great to capture your portraits at, and what are the most romantic ceremony locations.

I love helping my couples find the right people for their wedding; it is a great way for me to serve them, and show them that I care. I’m there for my brides, if they have any questions, and I actually love it when they stump me with a question that I don’t have the answer to right away. It is a great opportunity for me to learn something new and this often provides unique photography opportunities. This definitely applies when it comes to photography locations.


Want another great resource? Download YOUR IDEAL TIMELINE GUIDE & WORKBOOK for free now!!!


4 | Get the most out of your relationship

Very rarely are engagements shorter than 6 months, and if yours is, we love the fact that we don’t have to wait long to see you in your dress and capture your special day! In my experience, most couples wait about 1 to 2 years after their engagement to get married, which means that there are quite a few months for you to enjoy your engagement images. This also means you have ample opportunity to ask advice from your wedding photographer to ensure that your wedding day is set up perfectly for the best photography results.

It is my goal to not just be a wedding photographer, but to be so much more than that. Especially at weddings without planners, you will see us helping out to make sure people are seated on time, and just maintain a good wedding timeline in general. This might be for slightly selfish reasons, (that we have plenty of time to capture your wedding portraits), but again, that is great for you! Because the better things flow on your big day, the more variety of images you will end up with, and isn’t that why you hired us in the first place?

engaged couple walking through the woods

If you’re just engaged, I hope this post will instill an urgency to find your wedding photographer soon. If you’re in a serious relationship, and you can see him proposing shortly, I can’t wait to hear your big news! And if you’re still single, kudos to you for just being interested in wedding photography before your time, I hope you remember the gist of this when your time comes.

And for those of you who are reading this, reminiscing about your big day, I’m sure it will bring back fond memories! Whatever stage of life your family is in, I’m sure you know someone who could benefit from this content. After all, it will be the most important day of their lives to that point, and that’s a pretty big deal!

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February 21, 2019

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A Western University Campus Engagement Session | Meaghan & Kevin


Snuggled up on the steps of the University College building on Western University’s campus in London is the cutest and sweetest couple ever; Meg & Kevin. Looking out over “the Hill”, now deserted because it’s cold and covered in snow, they were reluctant to get up to walk to the next location. And I’d probably be the same way! These two lovebirds; Kevin with his infectious smile and Meg with her stunning piercing green eyes, rocked their Western University engagement session!

All through their session, these two took any opportunity to look into each other’s eyes. Even though the surroundings were beautiful, they focused more on each other, which is precisely how it should be! Whenever we decided to take a quick break so that Meg and Kevin could warm up, they’d get nice and close out of the wind. It was so evident that they love being together! Those breaks were also so that I could capture her gorgeous solitaire diamond engagement ring. Kevin did such a fantastic job!

Meg & Kevin met at a bar, while he was celebrating his birthday with his buddies. After a little liquid courage, he had the nerve to go up to this gorgeous young lady sitting at the bar. And it was an instant connection and definite proof that modern ways of connecting with people can also bring love!

Now on to their proposal story, because that’s why you’re here, right? On the day in question, Meg decided to run a few more errands before coming home. Kevin, impatiently waiting at their home, was prepared for her to walk through the door at any moment. But she made him wait (not knowing what was happening of course). When Meg walked into the house and found a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs, she still did not clue in. She thought that he was just making one of his romantic gestures, isn’t that sweet? But then she saw him on one knee, and she, of course, said yes!

I’m super excited to capture their fall wedding later this year. I’m sure it’s going to be a day filled with moments like the one I experienced here. Meg & Kevin, congratulations once again! You both deserve a lifetime of happiness, and I can’t wait to see you in September.

Western University Engagem

Missing the thick layer of snow in this winter engagement session? So did we! Check out THIS BLOG POST for a snow-filled wedding.


February 14, 2019

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Elm Hurst Winter Wonderland Wedding | Lydia & Richard


Oh, what a super cold day it was this past Friday for this Elm Hurst winter wedding! Cold, but so beautiful! The sun came through the clouds so often during the day that suffering through the temperatures made it all worth it. I only met Lydia and Richard a few months ago at our consultation, and again shortly after for THEIR ENGAGEMENT SESSION. Spending that time with them, I noticed very clearly that these two just wanted to be married and spend the rest of their lives having fun together. And I knew that their wedding day would be all about that fun! Was I right!!!

On the drive in, my second photographer and I tried to chat on the phone a couple of times, but it did not want to work for us. I was a little worried whether that was a bad omen. However, I wasn’t going to focus on that. Walking into the girl’s getting ready suite, a waft of hairspray greeted me. It became a bit of a joke with the girls. And as her maid of honour and one of her bridesmaids were her sisters, who had both used the same hairdresser; Amber. And Amber outdid herself!

The whole suite was a bit of a mess, but with the help of Mom, Amber, and Jolena (the maid of honour), it all came together. The first look happened nicely on time, and the sun came out right as Lydia walked up. This made the whole world even more magical! Because of the cold, these girls (& gents) could only spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes outside. It felt like -16C for most of the day.

We knew it was time to go inside if Lydia turned purple or her smile froze. I’m not kidding, this actually happened! At the last of the bridesmaid’s individuals, Lydia’s smile was more like a grimace. At first, I didn’t know whether I was doing something wrong, or if she was trying to be humorous. But her smile seriously was that was frozen. So we went back inside to warm up and enjoy a Subway lunch.

The ceremony was at the Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Norwich. It was safe to say that Lydia was thrilled to put her signature on the paperwork. Richard as well, of course! At this point, we finally decided to take the flowers outside, knowing they were going to freeze. A short stop at the Norwich Dam Conservation Area for some more wedding party portraits and a few more husband and wife portraits, and we were on our way to the reception.

Approximately 100 people were waiting for them when we came back to the venue, so we’re sure that they had a fabulous evening with all their loved ones! Lydia and Richard, you looked amazing on your wedding day, I hope these pictures do you justice. Serving clients like you is so wonderful, and it was a pleasure getting to know you. I know you’re in Jamaica right now, soaking up the sun, and I might be slightly jealous. But planning your whole big day in such a short time and do such a fantastic job surely is hard work, so you deserve a break. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

And for the final touch, Mom’s necklace. Lydia literally became giddy when it came time to put this on; the love between Mama and daughter was so obvious!

The next few images were captured by Brittany Almas of Brittany Deanna Photography. Brittany is such a dear friend and did an amazing job at Lydia and Richard’s new home, capturing the guys getting ready. Working with you was such a joy, Brittany! Thank you for all your help on Friday, it was so appreciated. I’d love to do it again!

These two decided to do a first look, and I was so thankful! The sun set before 5:30 PM, and it was so nice to get extra time to spend 10 minutes outside here and there.

Some more captures by the amazing Brittany Deanna Photography!

Jolena was such an amazing maid of honour for Lydia! From picking up her dress everytime Lydia had to walk, to organizing the entire day. A big shoutout to their whole crew, they really made it fun for Richard and Lydia!

This was the third and last time that Lydia’s dad would walk a daughter down the aisle. I’m sure that this was a bit of an emotional moment for him!

And they’re married! Look at Richard looking at his wife!!!

After the ceremony, we finally took the flowers outside! I was so excited to get to capture these beauties in the snow, even though I know the temperatures killed them very quickly.

It’s always such a gift to get to capture engagement rings twice! Especially when they’re as beautiful as this one…

These two braved it out in the cold for so long, and I’m so proud of them! They held up better than even my equipment, which just really didn’t seem to like the cold! Re-focusing took much longer than normal and my battery died so quickly!




January 29, 2019

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Family Session at The Old Courthouse in London | Family “F”


Meet the Fernandes family. They have been married for 25 years and have since then added four daughters to the bunch. I met most of the family for the first time at this London Courthouse family session, but I had the pleasure of meeting this mom of four over two years ago. And I really got to know her. Mom “F” was a Nurse Practitioner in the NICU where Stella was born. I think I saw her more days than not in the 120 days that Stella was in the hospital.

See, the amazing thing is that she’s had a very similar experience to mine. And the fact that she shared her story made me know that she knew what I was experiencing. The main thing that was different was that her pregnancy was a twin pregnancy. That’s right, Bianca and Meghan (the two girls on the right in the first image) were premature, due to the same reason as my daughter! And what’s most incredible is that they are both now in university. In fact, the oldest three are all in different universities. They’re studying important things like Law, Education, and Science I believe. I can imagine that their parents are very proud.

I know that they were excited to have all their girls (& Brady, Michaela’s boyfriend) home for Christmas, and I can imagine why! These girls have the kindest parents as examples, and you can sense that they genuinely care about you when you chat with them. Being part of a big group hug at the end of their session indeed confirmed that. Michaela, Bianca, Meghan, and Nicole, stay humble and kind! It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. You never know when you will impact a stranger the way you impacted me.

Brady & Michaela, the love you two have for each other is adorable. I wish you many more happy years together; may they be as amazing as the first four! Mr. & Mrs. “F”, I know you both lead busy lives. However, you’ve done a phenomenal job with your daughters. They really love you; it is so obvious, even though it was super cold! Happy anniversary to you both! My family and I wish you many more happy years together.

Look at these four, and imagine how much fun it would be to have a genuine picture like this with your own siblings!

Aaaaaaah! This would have to be my favourite capture of the entire session, because… well, look at these gorgeous smiles!!!

Michaela and Brady, you two are so amazing, I really felt honoured to photograph you two having so much fun together!

This location was perfect on the day of this session! Just a little bit of snow on the ground and some gorgeous people made my job super easy.


January 4, 2019

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Niagara Falls & Ball’s Falls Engagement Session | Leona & Mark


And another engagement session! This one means so much to me. Well, actually to both of us! My dear husband came along dutifully and carried bags and coats when necessary. Meet Mark, our dear friend, and his gorgeous fiancé, Leona. We spent the day enjoying this Ball’s Falls and Niagara Falls engagement session, and made so many wonderful memories!

Leona has the same colour as my sister Jacolien (who lives in Holland, so I just missed her a little more that day), and I might be slightly jealous. Leona comes from a super musical family, and it’s no surprise that they randomly burst into song together when I happened to say something that reminded them of a song. Oh, the laughs! Mark has been in choir for ages (well, that’s what it seems like), so he fits right in with the family!

We started the day at Ball’s Falls on our way to Niagara Falls. If you’ve never been here, you need to go! I’ve never been during the summer, but it’s on my to-do list for 2019. Even in the winter with just a little snow, it was gorgeous! When we arrived at Niagara Falls, we managed to use some of their gorgeous sidewalks for backdrops. Funny how photographers see things completely different from the rest of the world! It might have taken just a little bit of Photoshop to erase a few people, but it was well worth it! After deciding to skip the Imax Theatre, (sorry Mark!) we headed on to Brock’s monument, where I might have run very excitedly to the splash pad, believing it was something completely different (and back-drop worthy)! Oops.

Mark and Leona are so perfect for each other! Leona has those little things she says or does, and we were right away reminded of Mark. And then we realized that she’s engaged to him, lol. Seriously, their sense of humour is so similar, it’s almost scary! Mark and Leona, thank you for allowing me to capture your love story on Monday, and we cannot wait to attend your big day in only a few short months! May God bless your preparations, and may He above all prepare your hearts for each other. Blessings.


December 28, 2018

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Tillsonburg Newborn Lifestyle Session | Baby Marshall


My little nephew Marshall is the newest addition to my husband’s side of the family, and he is so loved! This Tillsonburg newborn lifestyle session was the first newborn session for me in a while. I was so honoured when Jessica asked me to capture these moments. Marshall’s story begins more than a year ago already…

Brian and Jessica were hoping to have an easy time getting pregnant. But like so many other couples, they had a struggle with infertility. Many doctors appointments, tests, and checkups later they finally had some hope… only to have that dashed with a negative pregnancy test. Deciding to take it easy for a while, they were going to focus on their work and making their house a home (they had just moved). But something was off. Jessica decided to take one more try. She took another test, which to her greatest surprise came back POSITIVE! I cannot even imagine the relief she must have felt.

Brian came home from work and while helping her make dinner, started preparing some Ceasars to enjoy with their meal. Jessica pipes up and says, “Uhm… I can’t have that.” It took Brian a few seconds to understand why she couldn’t have it (the alcohol in it, of course). I believe the story ends up with Brian over the moon to finally be a Daddy. Brian is my husband’s youngest brother and the last of the family to get married and start a family; it’s so amazing to see “little Brian” (or “Norbitt”, as his friends call him) love his little man so much!

Now that they were finally expecting, they were not free of their struggles. Around seven months into her pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed Jessica with acute toxoplasmosis. She kept this mostly quiet to save her friends and family from worrying too much. At the next appointment, the doctor had to admit that there was a mistake; somehow the chart was read wrong, and her condition was not acute. It still warranted a little extra observation, however. At the same time, for no apparent reason, little Marshall’s weight gain started to slow down. And that started to become a problem at every appointment after that. Until just before 36 weeks the doctors decided that the little man was safer out than in.

Just shy of 37 weeks pregnant, Jessica gave birth in London to Marshall William Velthove. He weighed more than they’d hoped at 4lbs 11oz.! He spent eight days in the NICU’s of London and St. Thomas (see him at one day old HERE). When he came home he was only a little below his birth weight. He is now getting close to 6lbs already! According to his Mama, he’s eating like a Velthove and is a very easy baby.

Jessica owns a business making the most gorgeous signs and frames. So it was no surprise that she would enjoy decorating Marshall’s nursery. And she did such a fantastic job!!! It’s so timeless, classic, and it sure made for some adorable images. You need to scroll down to see them!

Jessica and Brian, thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you; it was an amazing experience and a real honour. Wishing you God’s blessing as you raise this little man, may he continue to be a testament to God’s power and love. It’s such a blessing and yet such a responsibility to have a child of your own, but thankfully we can call on Him for help. We will also continue to keep you and all of our family members in our thoughts and prayers (let’s face it; you can’t ever have too many people praying for you).


December 27, 2018

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Woodstock Tree Farm Mini Family Session | Sam and Her Boys


And here is my next mini session! Sam and her two boys arrived, ready to have some fun. Riley and Jaxon were true boys but at the same time showed their love for Sam so clearly. And Sam loves her sons so much, which is even more apparent. This Woodstock tree farm mini family session was another of my highlights from this past Saturday.

See an engagement session taken at the same location HERE.

These brothers are typical brothers! They love each other, which was very obvious. However, they also tried to do all the “brotherly” things to annoy each other, which any mother totally understands. And that honestly made the session more fun. Look at the picture just above, I told Jaxon and Riley to laugh at each other, and Riley didn’t even know what to do when Jaxon pulled this face. Of course, this brought their mom and me to tears.

Sam loved the DVI Style Guide! It’s a PDF I send all of my clients before their session, to help them get ready. What else do I recommend? Read all about that and more by clicking HERE.

This gorgeous lady needed to have a few shots of her by herself in my opinion. The few extra minutes it took were so worth it.

Thank you, Sam, for allowing me the privilege of capturing your family. I’m so glad it worked out this time!


December 6, 2018

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