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I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!

I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based 

photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!


A Sunny Woodstock Family Session on Gunn’s Hill | The Paluska Family


Danielle and I have known each other for a few months now (she’s the talent behind some of the amazing products in the DVI Bride’s Welcome Box, a gift for all my engaged couples) and I’m so honoured to know her. We’ve been talking about this Woodstock family session for a while now. I was super excited that the weather turned out so well. Oh, and that they were up for some of the fun shots I had envisioned, especially with the gorgeous backdrop that Gunn’s Hill offered!!!


We didn’t have to walk far to find a gorgeous spot in the middle of the trees and Queen Anne’s Lace. Danielle and Jeff’s property offered a stunning array of backgrounds. I have to admit that even though we had to fight off the mosquitoes, I fell in love with this property! On the premises, Danielle runs an incredible business, Wild Comfort. Here she creates the most delicious smelling soaps and other body care products, often with finds from her own property. I’ve seen her working with dandelions, I’ve watched her excitement as she found the secret behind thickening shower gel, and I’ve even had her create some specialty products; just for me and my clients!


We soon got tired of the mosquitoes, so we moved this Woodstock family session down the road to the top of Gunn’s Hill. For any of you who know the area, you know about the gorgeous views! The sun happened to be setting behind scattered clouds. The view literally took my breath away. The evening was perfect and some fun memories were made! Joel, Madelyn and Brynn; thank you for going along with all my crazy ideas. I sure hope that your family loves these photos as much as I do!

These two just celebrated their 19th anniversary! Join me in congratulating Jeff and Danielle; it might have been many years since you said “I do”, but your love is so obviously the center of your family. It’s a beautiful thing to see!

Didn’t these five dress incredible? I hear so often that the DVI Family Session Style Guide is super helpful. HERE is another gorgeously dressed family!

And it was off to Gunn’s Hill! If anyone ever wants to do another session here, please INQUIRE. I’d love to go back!!!

So much love, how could my heart not feel full when I get to capture these smiles for a living!!!

We had to capture some headshots for Danielle for her business as well; isn’t she just gorgeous?


August 15, 2019

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Mill Race Park Styled Couple Shoot | Ally & Jack


Styled sessions are gaining momentum. More and more engaged couples are wanting to go all out and I’m loving it! It’s a lot of work planning a styled engagement session, and while I love doing it, I wanted to put together something that could really educate my clients in a way that was easier to understand. Then came the idea of a travelling dress as some of my amazing photographer friends were having the same thoughts that I did. This gorgeous Renz Bridal dress was chosen and I was the lucky girl who was allowed to photograph it first at this stunning Mill Race Park styled “engagement” shoot in Cambridge, Ontario.


No, Jack and Ally are not engaged, but they might as well be! These two are so adorable together, and when I was with them it felt like new love! Even though they’d already been together for several years. Jack and Ally met at their former place of employment, and now Jack is an accountant and Ally a wedding planner. Her business, Perfectly Designed Events, is one that I’m hoping to work together with soon! Ally is gorgeous (that’s pretty obvious), but what you don’t know about her is that she’s very detail-oriented! She loves working with brides who are planning their big day, just to make their dreams come true. Which is something we really could relate on! Ally and Jack are huge wine lovers (yay!!!); Ally especially loves a very sweet white wine (especially when her mom is there to share it with her).


I was so excited to hear that Ally was hoping to work with me on this Mill Race Park styled shoot. Seriously, just look at these two! I could keep on gushing about these two, but you don’t want me to! Ally wore this blue Renz Bridal dress so well, and don’t even get me started on the floral crown from Blossom by CBL Floral Design! Charmaine from Blossom created this piece at my request, and I cannot wait to work with her again. She managed to create a romantic piece that pulls the images together in a way I never imagined. I never knew that faux florals could look this good!


It was the morning of this gorgeous styled Mill Race Park “engagement” session. I received a heartbreaking message from the amazing hair and makeup artist; she couldn’t make it due to an emergency. I reached out to Sarah from Teased Bridal, whom I’ve worked with before, and she happened to be available and super excited to help us out! And she outdid herself. I truly believe that in the case of styled session collaborations it’s the best to give vendors as much freedom as possible. I gave that to Sarah with a vague outline of the vision I was hoping for. She made sure to create something that she was super proud of and looked amazing on Ally! Oh, and it made my heart sing!


I cannot even begin to convey how my heart feels when I get to share this styled Mill Race Park “engagement” session. From the amazing photographers who have been encouraging me along the way to Charmaine and Sarah. From Ally and Jack to all the people who have responded so positively after seeing some of these images on social media. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned and how happy that makes me. How excited I am to use what I’ve learned for future DVI couples and make their dreams come true.

I won’t keep you any longer; please, go on! Scroll down, you know you want to!




This venue!!! All the heart eyes for Ally and Jack, who just popped off of this gorgeous background! Anyone else just want to hug these two?

Styled sessions are quickly become my favourite thing to shoot! See a styled wedding HERE.

Vendor Team

Planner & Photographer | Dianne Velthove Imagery

Dress | Renz Bridal

Floral Crown | Blossom by CBL Floral Design

Hair & Makeup | Teased Bridal

Models | Ally & Jack

Styled Shoot

August 14, 2019

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Port Burwell Extended Family Session | The Boeder Family


Families grow. And grow. Until there are many kids and grandkids… and time flies by. Everyone is just trying to get by, make more money than they’re spending, go on vacation once a year, and hopefully make some memories while they’re at it. And when a few of the kids raise their families in a different province or country, it makes getting together more of a chore, but also so much more special. And that’s what it was like for the Boeder family. They try to have their growing family photographed every few years (last time there were 5 less grandkids).  So I had the privilege of capturing this Port Burwell family session!


Wilma lives in Michigan and organized this whole session from there and did an amazing job, if you ask me! She and I went to school together. It was so amazing to catch up with her and get to know her family. Seeing her married with two kids was incredibly special. And meeting (or reconnecting) with her older siblings was super fun as well! It’s obvious that this family really loves each other. I am so thankful that I was able to capture this special time for all of them at this Port Burwell family session


It is definitely a huge responsibility to capture a big family like this one! Especially when all the married children have entrusted me with additional photography to fill the frames in their homes. From the oldest grandchild who is going to grade 10, to the youngest, just a few months old; I’m sure Nana and Papa are going to enjoy seeing all of these! Most of this session was done at Port Burwell, until the rain got too bad and we had to find a location further north to where the radar was showing clear skies.

The kids all got the last chance to see each other for this year, and while they were enjoying their delicious DVI cookies, laughed and gave each other hugs that they will likely forget, but their parents and Nana and Papa will likely not. Without further ado, please enjoy the very big and very blessed family!!!

At this point we got rained out and didn’t get to explore the rest of Port Burwell beach with the whole family, as we’d hoped. See what else Port Burwell has to offer HERE!

Extended Family, Family

August 10, 2019

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Stunning White on White Styled Shoot with Colourful Florals | Art Gallery of Hamilton


When I first met with Anna from Spunky Sapphire Events, I couldn’t have imagined that this session would ever happen! Especially not the way it did!!! The amount of talent in this session was absolutely amazing, and it was so inspiring. From the best wedding planner to the most stunning models and all the vendors in between, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for them. I was just lucky enough to have the privilege of photographing it all at the Art Gallery of Hamilton earlier this year.


This styled shoot was a play on simple white on white with florals and citrus fruits to accent them and bring out the gorgeousness along with summer feels! Anna found the most detail-oriented vendors, such as Jade from Mint & Magnolia who provided the florals and had the genius idea to add in some vibrant citrus as well. The copper arch from Euclid Designs was perfectly polished, and the flowers took this detail from amazing to FABULOUS!!!


Planning a wedding is a lot of work. There are so many decisions the bride and groom hava to make; from the venue to the dress, from the colours to all the special people in their wedding party. But with a wedding planner like Anna, it becomes a whole load of fun! The decisions are made on time, and she makes sure that you’re 100% happy with them while at the same time ensuring that all the schedules, from the photographer’s to that of the venue, line up so that you’ll have the most enjoyable day. We were lucky to work with vendors who appreciate a stress-free day as much as we do, and it really cemented the importance of finding the perfect vendors for your big day.

The stunning invitations, designed by Sandra from Love on Paper Co., were perfectly styled by Anna using those citrus fruits and flowers, and the ring from Harris Jeweller was the perfect centerpiece! Lauren wore a Ferres Posa dress to perfection, and Chris, in his checkered navy suit was the perfect arm candy, don’t you agree? The Art Gallery in Hamilton was the perfect host to the details from Simply Beautiful Decor, and the cake was the perfect way to pull it all together.


Does a wedding have to cost $1M in order for everything to look absolutely gorgeous? Absolutely not! This styled shoot is evidence that by focusing on one outstanding part of the day (in this case, the flowers), it can bring it over the top to a level where everyone is so excited to share the pictures. And that was the case here as well! Thanks to all of these vendors, we were able to have this shoot featured on Elegant Wedding, an amazing Canadian wedding blog (click the icon below to see the featured post).

My heart is full while I’m writing this because I believe that I’ve really stumbled on this amazing network of individual business owners, many of them women, who believe in “Community over Competition” as much as I do. It’s truly something extraordinary when you are able to build relationships with people who (in my humble opinion) are much more talented than you, and that’s what happened to me. It feels so surreal; I just never have imagined that this would ever happen to me. In one world I’m a mom of four kids, and in a whole other world (which feels like another universe) I am privileged enough to capture things like this. I won’t keep you any longer, go on! Enjoy!!!

Planner | Spunky Sapphire Events
Photographer | Dianne Velthove Imagery
Venue | The Art Gallery of Hamilton
Hair & Makeup | Teased Bridal
Stationery | Love on Paper Co
Florist | Mint + Magnolia
Cake | Sweet Avenue Cakery
Bridal Gown | Ferre Sposa
Ceremony Arch | Euclid Design Co
Rentals | Simply Beautiful Decor
Jewellery | Harris Jeweller
Models | Elle & Chris Valente

Styled Shoot

August 5, 2019

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A Brantford Park Family Session | The Leegstra Family


This will probably be one of the most meaningful family sessions I’ve ever done. But this blog post isn’t about me, it’s about Julia and Rob and their three gorgeous kids at this beautiful Brantford Park family session. Meet Melvin, Mckenna and Evan, three of the sweetest kiddos I’ve met. Melvin and Mckenna were so loving towards their little brother and it was a pleasure to capture those memories for their parents. Mommy raised Evan’s arms, saying, “I’m thiiiiiiiis big!” and it made not just Evan giggle. He loves his Daddy’s voice, which was very noticeable as well.


Let me tell you a little bit about Evan. He’s born only a few weeks later than our little Stella, but a whole lot bigger. And he has a feeding tube. Evan has a condition called Canavan Disease. His parents didn’t even know about the condition when he was born. Only a short while later, the doctor started noticing things weren’t going exactly as they should. His head was much bigger than it should be, and an ultrasound showed a dark spot on his brain. Three months later, after many tests at the hospital, including genetics, etc., he was diagnosed with Canavan Disease.

Canavan is a neurological disorder characterized by the degeneration of white matter in the brain. Evan is missing the enzyme which helps control the white matter in his brain. This, in turn, affects how his brain sends messages to different parts of his body. To this day, Evan is mentally younger than a 3-month-old. Which means he doesn’t understand a lot, but it’s so amazing to see how he responds to his family. He loves to be sung to, tickled, and anything that would make a baby smile.


Melvin and Mckenna are two fun-loving kids who’ve had to live with the reality that they will not have their brother in their lives as long as most people do. But they take it all in stride, it seems, and have developed an understanding for Evan’s needs that surprised me. For their sibling photo, Melvin knew to hold Evan’s head up as he was not able to do so himself (you’ll see it below). And that made me think. I honestly think that this family, while this is beyond difficult, has been given a gift. A gift to take care of one of God’s special children. And for a child to be raised with that as a constant reminder, I can only imagine the amount of empathy and understanding and love for others they will grow up having.

These are Julia’s words: Since finding out that Evan has Canavan, our lives have changed so much. It’s hard to hear from a doctor that your child has a disease with no cure. That he won’t be the same as your other children. That he will have a lot of medical needs. [It means] you have to tell your other children that their brother is different than them. But in the heartache of it all the Lord has sustained us, and given us grace. As well as the support from our families and the church community. Now that it’s been over 2 years since we found out it is still very hard to think about some days but then you see him smile and laugh and it just melts your heart to see such joy in his face. 


Rob and Julia, I cannot imagine your life with all its busyness, the pain and the uncertainty. But I can see the love you have for all your children, and it warmed my heart. Rob, it was absolutely amazing to hear how strong you are in your belief that God meant for Evan to be in your life this way. And that you are still so outspokenly strong in your pro-life views, especially when it comes to medical personnel. And Julia, there are just no words. Just admiration. You had the time to spend on the phone with me to plan this session. You planned your outfits. And you even replied to all my questions about what it is like having a little man like Evan. God has given you grace, patience, and so much love towards your family. You may not always see it. You have your tough days, I’m sure you do. But in the end, you know there’s a God up in Heaven who knows all your needs. And at the end of the day, it’s only with His help that we are given this life.
God Bless.

This Brantford Park family session was not the only session I captured this evening. I also had the pleasure of photographing THIS FAMILY, but will not be posting a blog post right now as it was hot and there were several little mishaps that meant we are in for a reshoot in August. Maybe later!!!

I have to say that this location in the middle of Brantford reminded me a little of a different field in the middle of London (as seen in Dylan & Sandra’s family session). Sometimes you’d be surprised at the locations some of my sessions are held! I managed to trick you into thinking we’re in the middle of the country, didn’t I?


July 22, 2019

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Ruthven Park Engagement Session | Ali & Evan


The way that Evan smiles at Ali is a thing of fairytales. The way she smiles back at him reminds me of Cinderella and her prince. And when he twirls her around, I feel so lucky that I get to be their wedding photographer. All in all, this Ruthven Park engagement session was everything I’ve dreamed of since they first reached out to me to be their wedding photographer. And Ruthven Park did not disappoint, just like I knew it wouldn’t. It has an amazing story!


Being in this gorgeous place was even more amazing once I learned more about its history. Being built in the 1840s, it’s now part of a 1200 acre estate that crosses the Grand River. Knowing that this belonged to the Thompson family, who have roots in the military and are known for being a huge contributing part to the formative years of Canada. It’s hard to believe that it was once the largest industrial town in Haldimand County! Now it’s the perfect location for many weddings and this stunning engagement session.


Ali and Evan met when he was between homes, and she was moving. From the beginning, these two have been each other’s rock and they’ve since become a mom and dad to a gorgeous Golden Retriever; Flash. This young man has his own Instagram, and is quite famous! One of their first requests from Ali and Evan was to have him part of the engagement session, and I couldn’t be more excited to make this happen! Flash is quite the speedster and made the session very fun and relaxed.


Ali and Evan, I’m so thankful that after being rained out the first time we were able to make this work! The fact that I got over 2000 images attests to the fact that you two are seriously photogenic and I can’t wait to get you all the images. Wishing you the best time planning the next part of your lives together! I cannot wait to see you back at Ruthven Park again; your wedding day will be here before you know it! In the meantime, I’ll be impatiently counting down the days!!!

Couple sitting on bench at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on bench at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple walking at Ruthven Park Couple walking at Ruthven Park and ring detail shot on bench Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park and ring detail shot Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple kissing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple kissing in front of steps at Ruthven Park Man carrying his fiance who kisses him on the forehead at Ruthven Park and ring detail shot Ring detail shot at Ruthven Park

These stairs!!! Like seriously, when the sun was out, my heart did a big happy dance!!!

Couple walking in front of steps at Ruthven Park and ring detail shot Couple walking near river at Ruthven ParkCouple walking in front of steps at Ruthven Park Dog sitting in front of couple at Ruthven park Couple walking down steps at Ruthven Park Couple hugging with dog nearby at Ruthven Park Couple hugging with dog nearby at Ruthven Park and dog bowtie detail shot Couple spinning under tree at Ruthven Park

Big boy Flash needed his own moment in the spotlight!

Couple walking with dog under tree at Ruthven Park Couple walking with dog under tree at Ruthven Park Couple snuggling with dog at Ruthven Park Couple snuggling with dog at Ruthven Park Couple kissing while walking dog at Ruthven Park Couple hugging and standing under tree at Ruthven Park Couple kissing while walking the dog at Ruthven Park

Spending a moment imagining saying “I do” under the gazebo, like they will next year!!

Couple kissing under gazebo at Ruthven Park Couple hugging and standing under tree at Ruthven Park Couple standing under gazebo at Ruthven Park Couple hugging and standing under gazebo at Ruthven Park Couple looking at ring under gazebo at Ruthven ParkCouple snuggling with dog at Ruthven Park girl looking down at Ruthven Park girl walking at Ruthven Park and ring detail shot man walking at Ruthven Park Man adjusting his sleeve at Ruthven park Man adjusting his bow tie at Ruthven Park Girl walking at Ruthven Park Couple looking at each other under tree at Ruthven Park Couple walking under tree at Ruthven Park Couple sitting at bench by river at Ruthven park Couple walking under tree at Ruthven Park Couple sitting at bench by river at Ruthven park Couple sitting at bench by river at Ruthven park Couple sitting on steps with dog at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple sitting on steps at Ruthven Park Couple hugging at Ruthven Park Couple walking at Ruthven ParkCouple walking at Ruthven Park Couple walking under tree at Ruthven Park Couple walking under tree at Ruthven Park

The following images are from Ali & Evan’s first part of this Ruthven Park engagement session.

Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple walking dog with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple walking dog with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple walking dog with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple walking dog with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front o building with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Couple standing in front of steps with umbrellas at Ruthven Park Man spinning fiance in front of building at Ruthven Park Couple walking in front of steps with umbrellas at Ruthven Park


July 22, 2019

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La Salle Park Wedding | Julia & Andrew


As he watched her walk down the aisle, seeing her for the second time that day, he was as excited as when he saw her the first time. Their first look had been magical, the look on his face was priceless as he turned around and saw her in her stunning dress. They had already signed the paperwork to keep the ceremony flowing smoothly. The officiant asked their loved ones whether they would support Andrew and Julia through their journey as husband and wife, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more resounding “Yes!” This La Salle Park wedding was every bit as magical and incredible as Julia and Andrew first described it to me at their consultation, and it was an honour capturing all of their important moments!


Their day started off getting ready at their apartment and a hotel suite at the Burlington Waterfront Hotel. The atmosphere at both locations was super fun and easy-going, which was no surprise to us. Spending time with the girls and Natalie from Brush Beauty Bar was relaxed and allowed me to capture all the gorgeous details (I mean, just look at that ring!) and I was cheered on more than once. Julia first found me on Instagram and when she saw this detail shot, she knew she wanted to hire me. She actually told me at their consultation that if she had a shot like that on their wedding, she’d likely frame it! So the pressure was on when it came to details, but it just wasn’t hard with THAT RING!!!


Andrew smiled as he heard her walk up to him. He waited for that tap. The thing he’d been thinking about all day. He turned around… and saw the woman he’s so excited to spend the rest of his life with. His mouth dropped. Could not believe his eyes. The woman who he always thought was beautiful, had transformed into a princess. And she felt like that all day! They were so excited to get the day going; within a minute Julia piped up and said, “Okay, we’re done! What’s next?” I mean, I don’t think we could love these two even more, but they prove us wrong every time!!


As they signed the forms in front of just their two witnesses, I’m not sure anyone could have been more excited than Laura, Julia’s sister! Every signature was met with another cheer, and hugs all around. We just stood back and basked in all that love. The ceremony was short but full of meaning and laughter! Joy, the officiant, did an incredible job mentioning everything that meant so much to Julia and Andrew. Then came the moment that these two could have their official first kiss as husband and wife (there had been a few unofficial ones) and walk (okay, run) back up the aisle towards their future.


The rest of their big day was a blur for them, I’m sure. From all the congratulations to the quick in-between pictures, some more family pictures (we managed to get most of them done before the ceremony); and from hugs and kisses straight through to their first dance… The evening was everything they imagined and more. It was really hard to say goodbye, knowing that it’ll definitely be a while before we see them again. But we know that they’re starting their lives off the right way, with the support of all their loved ones! Their La Salle Park wedding was definitely perfect, and even though marriage may not always be easy… I can attest to the fact that these two are perfect for each other. With the love and encouragement from their parents, siblings, and friends… well, we just cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Julia and Andrew, we hope you enjoy your honeymoon, it sure looks like Indy (their dog) has been enjoying it! We wish you God’s blessing on your marriage, and we want you to know that we really view you as friends. So if there is ever an opportunity for you to travel out our way, please let us know and we’ll have the drinks ready for you!!!

Notice those plants behind Julia? Apparently, she is a magician at bringing ailing plants back to life and making them thrive! I wish I could even make mine last one year, so kudos to Julia!!!

Look at the look on Andrew’s face as he sees his bride for the first time of the day! This is why first looks are soooo amazing…

I always promise my clients that I want to be their eyes for them during the ceremony. This next picture is why!!! When the mom of the groom is so overcome with emotion that she has to wipe those tears away and I just happen to have my camera pointed at my way (okay, I was paying attention), you know I’m going to capture that!!! Knowing that her son is making that commitment just had Andrew’s mom tearing up, and if it were my son I know I’d be doing the same thing!

And they’re married!!!!!!!

By special request, we had to capture some crazy portraits (these are the type that usually ends up on Julia’s Instagram feed), and we just couldn’t resist putting a couple of them on their blog!!!

After those funny shots, we had to get a triple kiss with bride & groom and their parents each kissing each other. Seriously, such a fun couple!!!

Julia felt like a princess all day and we are of the opinion that she looked like it too!

And then after their first dance, we took this couple down to the marina to capture some stunning sunset portraits! It was worth the trek down (and back up) the stairs, let me tell you!!!

Even at the end of a hot day, everyone was getting their groove on!

Just one quick capture of Julia’s school squad; I’m not sure how much teaching gets done with all of these teachers having this much fun together! 😉

And last, but not least, my favourite DVI Couple “Selfie” ever… We’re really going to miss you, and we look forward to hearing from you (and Indy) about all your big plans and all the amazing happenings in your lives!!!

The Vendor Team

Photography | Dianne Velthove Imagery

Hair & Makeup | www.brushbeautybarburlington.com

Shoes | Keds

Engagement Ring | James Porter

Her Wedding Bands | Pandora

Florals | Costco

Venue | La Salle Park Conference Center

Officiant | Joy Johnson

DJ | DJ Emporium

Bridesmaid Dresses | Best For Brides

Men Formalwear | Tip Top Tailors

Invitations | Vistaprint

Favours | Lindt Chocolates



July 18, 2019

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Colourful Long Point Maternity Session | Baby Oosterveld


This was a very last-minute session, but we were determined to make it work! All the effort that Lydia and I put into organizing the outfits, location, etc. made this Long Point maternity session a dream come true! When Lydia showed up in this dress (that she found at Winners), I knew we were golden! (See what I did there?) Lydia is in her 33rd week of pregnancy, and she looks absolutely amazing. Her husband Josh thinks so too. I didn’t need to wait long for his answer when I asked him if he was excited to be a daddy; a firm “yes” left no doubt in my mind! It was so amazing to hear how these two are getting ready for baby; a completely holistic approach that I envy (I was never able to have a home delivery).


When asked if they were hoping for a boy or a girl, most people answer, “As long as it’s healthy, we’re happy.” Not these two! Of course, they are hoping for a healthy baby and a safe delivery. But Lydia and Josh are both hoping for a boy to start some really great Oosterveld traditions with! Knowing the story behind it all made me fall in love with them even more. To say that these two are planning to put one-hundred-and-ten percent into raising this baby according to God’s will is probably an understatement. It was obvious how much this baby is loved and prayed for. And that made this Long Point maternity session a dream come true not only for them; also for me!


It was not the most beautiful day to have this session.  However, Lydia’s pregnancy glow cancelled out any of the little raindrops that threatened to end our session before we were ready to call it quits. We worked quickly but laughed a lot. Getting to put our feet in the water at the end of the session was my highlight of this session. I’m hoping that the memories these two made together was their favourite. Either way, the smiles are genuine, and the pictures are epic (you need to scroll down to see the ones in the lake!)

Josh & Lydia, getting to spend a little time with you was such a gift! Please know that we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, especially on your travels. And whenever baby Oosterveld arrives, I’d love to pop in to get a little baby fix! I hope you enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, long hair and all (inside joke), and that these images will make you as happy as I’m imagining.

Beach sessions are my favourite!!! See another one HERE!


July 6, 2019

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Pickering West Shore Beach Family Session | The Dasu Family


Exploring one of Canada’s gorgeous beaches on its birthday was a perfect way to spend this past Monday. And this West Shore Beach family session turned out even more amazing than I ever could have imagined! We’ve known Kasia and Faizal for a few years now. I still remember the moment Faizal and I first chatted up a conversation; at the cleaning station in the NICU where Stella spent the first few months of her life. Yes, little Miss Aleena had the same idea as Stella to arrive on this world a little earlier than expected. And now she is just the most adorable and polite little lady, and happens to have a little brother; Adam!


I am so glad that this session got rescheduled a few times to the date that it finally happened! The beach was full and the sun was bright. However, we managed to find a secluded little spot with a tree blocking the rest of the crowd, and we made good use out of it. The sun sparkling off the water was the perfect background for this West Shore Beach family session!

Kasia’s parents (who actually surprised them with this session for their birthday last year) tagged along to keep the kids happy. When they left, they thanked me, time and time again. I was trying to wonder why. “I wish we had pictures like this when our kids were little”, said Kasia’s mom. That reminded me to be so thankful for these luxuries that modern technology has provided us with. Someday, she said, Aleena and Adam could look back at what their family was like when they were just little. I’m sure Kasia and Faizal will enjoy these memories for years to come. And thanks to digital technology, their kids can too!


These two are both super busy parents, who understand how fast time flies by. And how quickly kids grow up! Aleena has been taught such perfect manners by her mama, and Adam has his daddy’s love for music. It was nice to be able to use a national holiday to have their session. While this meant that the beach was flooded with people, thanks to finding and utilizing the perfect tree to block them out, we managed to make that beach look completely deserted! And this meant that this little family could really enjoy their time together. We laughed and we played. We took out the sand from Aleena’s shoes more times than I can count. We ran after Adam’s hat almost as many times! But in the end, we all left with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts.

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July 3, 2019

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