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I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!

I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based 

photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!


Nith River Engagement Session | Natasha & Jordan


Natasha and Jordon didn’t just show up dressed for the part to their Nith River engagement session, they showed up ready to have some fun! This amazing couple found out about me through their grandmother, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a local lady bosses lunch. And I’m so thankful for her kind words to this couple. After our consultation (which went way longer than normal), they emailed me and mentioned how they felt like they could have sat there and chatted all day! I left that consultation praying that they would choose me, and it didn’t take very long for that “yes” email to arrive!!!


When we started discussing where to have their engagement session, Jordan and Natasha both right away mentioned Silver Bridge. When I was imagining this bridge in my head, it was nothing special, I have to admit. However, when we arrived, Jordan said to Natasha in their truck in front of me, “Right now she’s saying, “WOOOOOW, this is gorgeous!” And he was completely right! The lighting here was perfect, and the fact that this bridge means so much to them just made it the perfect location for them, and that’s what makes this Nith River engagement session so special!


These two have known each other since Kindergarten, but only started dating a few years after high school. They’ve spent many nights here at Silver Bridge, jumping off the top into the 15-foot deep Nith River! I cannot even imagine the rush that must bring, and I’d rather not find out!


They are so amazing together, and during one of our little conversations, which often tend to go towards wedding day planning and/or marriage, we started chatting about what it means to be married. You know that a couple is your ideal couple when they literally voice the thoughts in your head, and that happened here as well. “Marriage is not just a game”, Jordan said, “It’s serious business!” And he’s totally right. Marriage is work; hard work at times! But when done right, it’s so totally worth it!


And then there was Jordan’s other baby, who had to be part of this session as well; his pick-up truck! Scroll down to see the fun that was had, and you don’t even want to know what we needed to do to get these pictures! Luckily, no one came by during this part, and we could get some amazing images, one of which Natasha put as her background as soon as she saw it!


Finally it was time for those epic shots, right by the riverside. The sun was setting and that golden glow was the perfect background! I asked Jordan if he’d ever picked up Natasha and carried her on his back (it just seems like a country thing to do). He replied, “Only when there’s a puddle and she’s too scared to get her feet wet!” Oh, the laughter during this session was non-stop!

Natasha and Jordan, this session was such a blast, and you’re not the only one who was amazed by how great the time we spent together was. I mean, I knew you two were fun, but I love that it went much deeper than that. I wish you two all the best in the coming year; your wedding is just over a year away! Enjoy wedding planning; it may not always be void of stress, but you’ll only do it once! I can’t wait to see you again next year!

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And now for the most epic shot (and probably my favourite image of all time)…

I mean, aren’t these two just absolutely adorbs? I sure think so!!!


June 8, 2019

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Spring Cranberry Creek Engagement Session | Cassie & Mike


With his fingers, he carefully picked up the bee, and showed it to me. Even though I’m not allergic, I have to say that I’m no fan, so I wasn’t too eager to get too close. Mentioning that I’d hate for him to get stung, he mentioned that this doesn’t happen if you pick them up correctly, which is by their wings apparently. Mike, an apiarist (or beekeeper, in layman’s terms) was quick to put the insect back on the flower. His fiancé feels the same about the busy little creatures than I do, but we both understand the need for them on this planet! Without them, there would likely be a shortage of fruits and vegetables. I don’t think anyone wants to imagine a world without peaches and blueberries (and the delicious desserts that can be made with that).


This Cranberry Creek engagement session was filled with so much laughter! It’s been days and my stomach muscles still ache when I think back to this evening. It’s always a little awkward during the first 15 minutes of engagement sessions. However, the character of these two made it so fun, we barely noticed!


From the white church to gorgeous flowers and greenery, this location was where Cassie and Mike were hoping to have their wedding. Sadly it was already booked. They have another amazing venue booked now. However, they were so excited to have their engagement session here! From the blooming lilacs to the bees buzzing by the flowers, we explored the grounds. The white church was a perfect background to their love story. Cassie and I agreed that the peeling paint only added to the character of the venue. We couldn’t imagine how beautiful a wedding held at this location would be.

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These two are planning an amazing wedding day, and taking the necessary time to make sure that they can have the wedding of their dreams! I’ve blogged about why a photographer should be one of the first vendors you book (read that HERE), and Cassie is checking all of those boxes! From being her stylist to helping her find other dream vendors to make her day amazing; it’s always an honour to be part of this journey. And knowing that brides, like Cassie, appreciate it, is just icing on the cake!

Wishing you a wonderful time planning the rest of your amazing day, and I’m sad that I won’t see you again soon! But if there’s anything you need, you know I’m here for you!


May 30, 2019

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Norwich Apple Orchard Engagement Session | Hannah & Craig


This Norwich apple orchard engagement session might not have happened if not for these two (and myself) getting some wet feet. Thanks to the VanYmeren family for letting us use their stunning orchard. The evening was balmy and just the perfect time to have an apple session engagement session for these two amazing human beings.


Craig and Hannah met in Ottawa at a human rights rally, and their first words to each other will be something they never forget. Craig stayed super-focused on his work, but Hannah soon started noticing that she was getting all flustered around this handsome young man; completely unlike her usual calm demeanour. It took Craig quite a while to realize what was afoot. When he did, it wasn’t long until he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.


When it was time for Hannah to leave Ottawa for her new job in Toronto, she, being her common-sense-self, thought she would just pack up her stuff and drive down by herself. Surprise! Craig surprised Hannah by driving all the way to Ottawa to pack her up and get her to her new home. Or so she thought. When he asked her to go for a quick drive around Ottawa to visit all the places that have meant something to the two of them on their journey, she thought, “Oh, typical romantic Craig”. And she humoured him. He took her on a drive she didn’t expect, and along it were clues to get to the next location. At the very end, a ring!


At their consultation, I could definitely sense how much these two love each other. They pretty much could finish each other’s sentences but respected the other too much to do so. It was a fun hour of catching up (because we know each other outside of this business as well; they’ve seen me work with other amazing pro-life couples) and planning their big day. When I asked them how much further they got on wedding planning since a few weeks ago, Craig said, “I feel like we’ve been spending more time planning our marriage than planning our wedding.” Isn’t that sweet? And that’s how it should be!


At their session, these two laughed and snuggled, and Craig even read something to Hannah sitting on an old flatbed trailer. They really are perfect for each other, and I hope and pray that God will continue to bless their relationship and the important work that they do. It’s only a few months until their fall wedding day, and I couldn’t be more excited! These two are truly an inspiration, and it’s been an honour getting to know them and capturing this amazing period of their lives for them.

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Even this ring had a special meaning, and I love that Craig put so much thought into it! He wanted her (the Ruby, Hannah’s birthstone) to be forever protected and surrounded by his love (the diamonds, Craig’s birthstone).


May 28, 2019

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Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Session | Julia & Andrew


As he spun her around and around, her white and blue dress flowing out behind her, he looked at her. Like, really looked at her. As if he was seeing her again for the first time. And she was just as goofy, happy, and crazy as she was back then. In this place that made us think we were somewhere in the Mediterranean, these two kissed more times than I asked them to. They laughed harder, smiled bigger, and made me the happiest photographer on the planet!


Julia and Andrew remind me so much of my husband and me! Julia and I are both goofballs and super easy-going! Andrew and Bert are both calmer, more grounded, and would much prefer to spend their evenings at home spending quality time with their girl. This Scarborough Bluffs engagement session was everything that we all dreamed of, I’m sure. I know it was for me!

At their consultation, Julia admitted that she’d found me on INSTAGRAM, and had scrolled all the way down to the bottom to one of last year’s wedding detail shots and fell in love. If I remember correctly, her words were, “If I had a photo like that of my wedding, I’d hang it on the wall!” That would make any photographer squeal inside, of course, but I literally squealed (although I waited till I was on the way home).

Julia admitted that they had a hard time choosing their outfits, but thanks to some super inspiring Pinterest boards, they absolutely nailed it! I am so totally going to use both of these outfits for the engagement session style guide that’s in the works for later this year! It’s always so amazing to make these decisions a little bit easier (and more fun) for couples. Engagement sessions should be all about laughter and relaxation! I always say that it’s just practice for the big day!


These two are having the most amazing wedding at LaSalle Banquet Centre in Burlington, and I heard something about a poutine bar! I mean, anyone who knows what a cheese-and-gravy lover I am, knows that’s the only reason why I’m really going, right? Just kidding!!! I literally am counting down the weeks till their July wedding. Julia is going to make the most beautiful bride and Andrew such a handsome groom.

Julia and Andrew, you two are some of the most beautiful (inside and out) people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was so amazing to make these memories with you. I’m excited that you are so confident in your choice to have me as your wedding photographer, it really is an honour. I cannot wait to see you again soon!

The lighting was just as amazing as THIS WEDDING the week before.


May 6, 2019

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A Western University Campus Engagement Session | Meaghan & Kevin


Snuggled up on the steps of the University College building on Western University’s campus in London is the cutest and sweetest couple ever; Meg & Kevin. Looking out over “the Hill”, now deserted because it’s cold and covered in snow, they were reluctant to get up to walk to the next location. And I’d probably be the same way! These two lovebirds; Kevin with his infectious smile and Meg with her stunning piercing green eyes, rocked their Western University engagement session!

All through their session, these two took any opportunity to look into each other’s eyes. Even though the surroundings were beautiful, they focused more on each other, which is precisely how it should be! Whenever we decided to take a quick break so that Meg and Kevin could warm up, they’d get nice and close out of the wind. It was so evident that they love being together! Those breaks were also so that I could capture her gorgeous solitaire diamond engagement ring. Kevin did such a fantastic job!

Meg & Kevin met at a bar, while he was celebrating his birthday with his buddies. After a little liquid courage, he had the nerve to go up to this gorgeous young lady sitting at the bar. And it was an instant connection and definite proof that modern ways of connecting with people can also bring love!

Now on to their proposal story, because that’s why you’re here, right? On the day in question, Meg decided to run a few more errands before coming home. Kevin, impatiently waiting at their home, was prepared for her to walk through the door at any moment. But she made him wait (not knowing what was happening of course). When Meg walked into the house and found a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs, she still did not clue in. She thought that he was just making one of his romantic gestures, isn’t that sweet? But then she saw him on one knee, and she, of course, said yes!

I’m super excited to capture their fall wedding later this year. I’m sure it’s going to be a day filled with moments like the one I experienced here. Meg & Kevin, congratulations once again! You both deserve a lifetime of happiness, and I can’t wait to see you in September.

Western University Engagem

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February 14, 2019

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Niagara Falls & Ball’s Falls Engagement Session | Leona & Mark


And another engagement session! This one means so much to me. Well, actually to both of us! My dear husband came along dutifully and carried bags and coats when necessary. Meet Mark, our dear friend, and his gorgeous fiancé, Leona. We spent the day enjoying this Ball’s Falls and Niagara Falls engagement session, and made so many wonderful memories!

Leona has the same colour as my sister Jacolien (who lives in Holland, so I just missed her a little more that day), and I might be slightly jealous. Leona comes from a super musical family, and it’s no surprise that they randomly burst into song together when I happened to say something that reminded them of a song. Oh, the laughs! Mark has been in choir for ages (well, that’s what it seems like), so he fits right in with the family!

We started the day at Ball’s Falls on our way to Niagara Falls. If you’ve never been here, you need to go! I’ve never been during the summer, but it’s on my to-do list for 2019. Even in the winter with just a little snow, it was gorgeous! When we arrived at Niagara Falls, we managed to use some of their gorgeous sidewalks for backdrops. Funny how photographers see things completely different from the rest of the world! It might have taken just a little bit of Photoshop to erase a few people, but it was well worth it! After deciding to skip the Imax Theatre, (sorry Mark!) we headed on to Brock’s monument, where I might have run very excitedly to the splash pad, believing it was something completely different (and back-drop worthy)! Oops.

Mark and Leona are so perfect for each other! Leona has those little things she says or does, and we were right away reminded of Mark. And then we realized that she’s engaged to him, lol. Seriously, their sense of humour is so similar, it’s almost scary! Mark and Leona, thank you for allowing me to capture your love story on Monday, and we cannot wait to attend your big day in only a few short months! May God bless your preparations, and may He above all prepare your hearts for each other. Blessings.


December 28, 2018

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Woodstock Tree Farm Engagement Session | Ashley & Brady


When Ashley messaged me if her and Brady could take their puppy, Swish, to their Woodstock tree farm engagement session, I said, “Absolutely!” I love sessions with dogs, and Ashley and Brady were smart to bring a babysitter for him, so that most of their session could be focused on just them. Just look at these two! I knew they were expecting a lot of me when Ashley told me that they’d gotten engaged only a week prior. I had to ask about their proposal, and I just love it! (To be honest, who doesn’t love any proposal story?)

Brady, lucky man that he is with such a gorgeous girlfriend (I mean, look at her!), had made reservations to go out, planning to do so after their proposal. He texted Ashley during the day that she better be on time; he had already picked out her outfit for that evening. That might have sent alarm bells ringing in Ashley’s mind if she was expecting a proposal, but she was not!

When she came home, and saw that Swish’s bib was on backwards, she crouched down to fix it. When she turned it right side out, she noticed the marriage proposal spelled out! I’m sure she shrieked; I would have (and did back in the day). Ashley and Brady, congratulations on your engagement and I wish you happy planning! Your day in 2020 is going to be amazing, no matter what dress you wear, or what cake is served. Because the smiles on your faces say it all; you are both head over heels. And I couldn’t be happier for you.

This session was captured during my mini sessions at VanderKlooster Christmas Tree Farm this past Saturday. On this cold day, but the friendliness of the owners and employees was so heart-warming, that our memories of the cold waned quickly! I would definitely recommend this location to any couple, even during the leaf-less months of the year it’s still very beautiful. And the warm apple cider that they had waiting for us was very welcome!

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Meet Swish, one of the most adorable puppies EVER!!!


December 4, 2018

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Autumn Delhi Farm Engagement Session | Lydia & Richard


When a former classmate refers their brother and his fiancé to you, and you have this much fun together… Well, you get the gist. Let’s just say that I am over the moon and feeling humbly blessed to have met these two amazing people at a Delhi farm engagement session. Wait, I mean these three. I also got to meet Lucy, their adorable 6-month-old puppy! She wouldn’t even sit still for 2 seconds for her own close-up. This means that she is not in a lot of the pictures, but that’s okay.

Lydia and Richard are getting married in January already! We really wanted to get their engagement session done soon, so they could enjoy their images for a few months before that happens. I really think that  two truly bring out the best in each other. When I heard that Lydia gifted Richie a gun after their engagement, I was super excited that they chose to incorporate it into their session! It made for some amazing ring shots.

Lydia and Richard, I know you think I tell everyone that they’re amazing at posing! That might be true, but you two were so made for each other. This made posing you so easy and fun! I felt like I wasn’t even working at all. That is definitely one of my favourite thing about this session. Along with Lucy, the gun, the location, and of course the two of you! I am super excited to capture you on your big day; I can’t believe that is only just over 2 months away. Stay warm, stay safe (especially you, Lydia, making the drive down most weekends), and stay happy.


I mean, just look at this ring, and this gun; It’s like they were made for each other!!!


November 8, 2018

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Hamilton Brewery and Dundurn Castle Engagement Session | Cana and José


Meet Cana and José! Two of the kindest people I’ve ever met (yes, I know I say that a lot, but it’s especially true for these two). Cana and José are both very pro-life. This has made our relationship so much more meaningful! Cana works at the CCBR (Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform). There she is in charge of the internship in Eastern Canada. Every year, they teach groups of young people what it means to truly stick up for the lives of the unborn. They even go out into the streets for activism to change hearts and minds about this very sad issue. At this Hamilton Brewery & Castle Engagement Session, I was privileged to learn even more about these two, and I am truly so excited about their big day next year!

Our first stop was the FAIRWEATHER BREWING CO. and boy, is it just such a gorgeous location for occasions like this! When José mentioned he was a beer enthusiast, I had to bring them here. I think they really enjoyed their brews, as they even took some home! Cana and José are just super chill, cool people, who love to hang out and relax. When I asked them what their hobbies were, they said, “I don’t know, spend time together, I guess? Maybe read a book?” Sounds perfect to me!

Next up was DUNDURN CASTLE; less than a 15 minute drive from the brewery. Even though the sun only came out for a few minutes at the very end of our session, we made some amazing memories and captured some wonderful images. Working around locations with lots of visitors definitely brings its challenges, but when you end up with gorgeous images it’s worth every ounce of effort!

Cana and José, I hope you love these images as much as I do! I truly had fun, and I’m sorry it took me so long to blog this! You’ll see your gallery in your inbox within the next few days. Happy planning to both of you, and God Bless.


October 26, 2018

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