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I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!

I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and family photographer based 

photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life, but have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately, and become a part of this amazing DVI community! You can even get to know me and my family!


Pickering West Shore Beach Family Session | The Dasu Family


Exploring one of Canada’s gorgeous beaches on its birthday was a perfect way to spend this past Monday. And this West Shore Beach family session turned out even more amazing than I ever could have imagined! We’ve known Kasia and Faizal for a few years now. I still remember the moment Faizal and I first chatted up a conversation; at the cleaning station in the NICU where Stella spent the first few months of her life. Yes, little Miss Aleena had the same idea as Stella to arrive on this world a little earlier than expected. And now she is just the most adorable and polite little lady, and happens to have a little brother; Adam!


I am so glad that this session got rescheduled a few times to the date that it finally happened! The beach was full and the sun was bright. However, we managed to find a secluded little spot with a tree blocking the rest of the crowd, and we made good use out of it. The sun sparkling off the water was the perfect background for this West Shore Beach family session!

Kasia’s parents (who actually surprised them with this session for their birthday last year) tagged along to keep the kids happy. When they left, they thanked me, time and time again. I was trying to wonder why. “I wish we had pictures like this when our kids were little”, said Kasia’s mom. That reminded me to be so thankful for these luxuries that modern technology has provided us with. Someday, she said, Aleena and Adam could look back at what their family was like when they were just little. I’m sure Kasia and Faizal will enjoy these memories for years to come. And thanks to digital technology, their kids can too!


These two are both super busy parents, who understand how fast time flies by. And how quickly kids grow up! Aleena has been taught such perfect manners by her mama, and Adam has his daddy’s love for music. It was nice to be able to use a national holiday to have their session. While this meant that the beach was flooded with people, thanks to finding and utilizing the perfect tree to block them out, we managed to make that beach look completely deserted! And this meant that this little family could really enjoy their time together. We laughed and we played. We took out the sand from Aleena’s shoes more times than I can count. We ran after Adam’s hat almost as many times! But in the end, we all left with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts.

Want your own beach session this year? I’m booking up quick! INQUIRE HERE!


July 3, 2019

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Romantic Byron Countryside Family Session | The Martin Family


I could tell you so much about why this little family means so much to me, but I don’t think I can put it into words. Meet Dylan, Sandra, Griffin and pup Nessa, the subjects of this stunning Byron family session! Sandra and I met on social media, and when we found out how much we had in common, we knew we had to meet! Being fellow photographers, crunchy mama’s and above all, Christians; we had a lot to chat about! And chat we do! I don’t think many days go by without at least a quick Facebook video call or message.


Sandra and Dylan have one of those relationships you read about in a Lori Wick novel; they love each other wholeheartedly and go out of their way to make sure that the other is well taken care of. They are parents of little man Griffin, a beautiful son. Griffin has the most amazing eyes (check down further in the post; you’ll see them there!!!), and he loves to dance! He’s just over 14 months, and not quite walking. His mommy and daddy are his biggest cheerleaders and his best refuge. They love this little man so much, and I’m sure that while they are enjoying every minute with him now, they cannot wait to see him grow up to find out what purpose God has for his life!


Dylan and Sandra are both photographers (see their work HERE), and I’m a huge advocate of their work! While our styles definitely differ, I’ve trusted them to take really good care of my brother and his fiancé on their wedding day and in the time leading up to it. And for anyone who knows me, you know that this kind of control can be hard for me to let go. So, that says something! I know it was also quite a step for them to choose me for this Byron family session, and I feel so honoured!

Dylan, I love how I see the love for your son in your eyes. Your desire to protect him and to help him grow up to be a good human being is so obvious. Sandra, of course, it’s the same for you. But for you, it’s also deeper. You had the privilege of carrying this little man for nine months before you both got to meet him. Also, you have the responsibility of making sure he is fed; I envy your breastfeeding journey! For you both, this is the legacy you’re leaving; for you, it’s the boy you’re raising up to be a good husband to his future wife, a good father to his future children. And I love that you’re looking to God to be your guide on this journey.


I know as photographers, you want to impact your couples. I know you do this from personal experience. Our anniversary session with you was more than I could ever have expected. I hope and pray that God will continue leading you on this journey. Dylan, may He grant you what is necessary to take this full-time so that you can spend more time with your family and doing what you really love! Sandra, may He help you day in, day out so that you can know that you’re doing His will, and doing it well. And Griffy, may you find out how much your parents love you; you sure are one lucky little man!

See our anniversary session captured by Dylan and Sandra HERE!

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Photographer | Dianne Velthove Imagery

Outfits | H&M

Hair | BLUSH

Makeup | Catherine Krahn

Bouquet Components | Costco & Cottage Gardens & Fabricland


June 15, 2019

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Waterford Ponds Extended Family Session | The Veldjesgraaf Family


Twenty-five years is cause for celebration, am I right? This beautiful family has been blessed throughout the years. Ups and downs, through thick and thin. Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century. Six children. Two sons-in-law have been added the last few years. And just a month ago, a beautiful grand-baby; Arielle. This Waterford extended family session was so much fun, and it really brought home to me how important family relationships are. You may not know it, but you’d be surprised at how much these big uncles love their little niece… just scroll down to see!

Arlene called me a few months ago to start planning this Waterford extended family session. It is always a bit harder to organize a convenient time to get everyone together when some of the kids have their own families, so starting early, as she did, is a great idea! When our first location fell through, we decided on Waterford Ponds; one of my favourite locations ever! The light on Friday was perfect, and once again I ended up with a huge gallery of images!

I’m sure Don and Arlene don’t mind that I took a whole bunch of their beautiful little girl, Kaylia. She was just such a joy, very kind and willing to do whatever I asked of her. We even had a very fun race, didn’t we Kaylia? From big to small, these kids all had fun. I always love to throw a few pictures of each mini-family in there for mom and dad to enjoy, but it’s also a great way to update the photo frames for the in-laws, and a nice way to keep the photo albums up to date. Because, let’s face it, that’s just so much fun to look at here and there!

Don and Arlene, thank you for the honour of letting me capture your beautiful growing family. Wishing you many congratulations for your twenty-fifth. My family and I hope that God will bless you with many more happy years together. I’m sure seeing your children grow up, and leaving the house to start their own families, isn’t always easy. But knowing that they’re starting their own legacy and will one day, the Lord willing, celebrate this milestone with their own spouse must be a cause for celebration. I hope you love these images as much as I do!


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June 5, 2019

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Simcoe Cherry Orchard Family Session | The Van’t Foort Family


Spring has finally arrived, and with it CHERRY BLOSSOMS! This Simcoe cherry orchard family session was supposed to be an apple orchard session. I don’t think anyone minded the slightly longer drive to Simcoe, however. The white blossoms on these trees were the perfect background for this gorgeous family.


Kelli and Andrew are parents to four of the most fun and joyful children ever, but I might be biased. I’ve had the privilege of seeing this family grow over the last few years, and it’s been an honour. From the twins’ mischievous giggles to Logan’s love for his dad, the session never slowed down, and I ended up with a gallery of over 150 pictures! I’m so excited to deliver these, I know they’ll be up on their walls in no time for visitors to enjoy as well!


Kristyn and Kailyn are the cutest 6-year-old twin. Mom Kelli mentioned to me that the bond that they have is so much more than the bond between regular siblings. I cannot even imagine. They giggled and laughed, and not many words were said between the two. I’m sure their bond is something that brings their parents much joy!


That’s how many times I’ve had the privilege of capturing Lauryn already. From her newborn photos to her latest second birthday session, including two family sessions now. To say that I appreciate watching her grow up is an understatement. Every time she is cuter and more smiley than the last!


Logan is the lucky big brother to these three girls, and I’m sure he’s going to have his hands full once they start dating. If anyone has their best interests at heart along with their parents, it’s this little handsome man. Dapper as all get out, and head-over-heels with his Mom and Dad. He was pretty proud of that tie as well!

All in all, I’d have to say that this family is one of my favourites, and capturing them in this stunning setting was such a treat. Kelli and Andrew, I hope your travels go well tomorrow, and wishing you an incredible time with family, celebrating your brother’s wedding!

Cherry farm family hugging Cherry farm family kids walking Cherry farm family kids walking Cherry farm family hugging smiling Cherry farm father son walking laughing Cherry farm father son walking laughing Cherry farm twins Cherry farm twins Cherry farm twin Cherry farm twins Cherry farm twins blossoms Cherry orchard twins sitting Cherry orchard twins blossom Cherry orchard girl smelling blossom Cherry orchard couple hugging blossom

This little girl is just adorable, don’t you agree? She’s been in front of my camera SIX TIMES now! LAURYN’S TWO-YEAR SESSION was one of my favourites ever; especially with that sprinkled donut!

Cherry orchard little girl smelling blossom Cherry orchard little girl sitting Cherry orchard kids sitting in grass Cherry orchard blossoms Cherry orchard family Cherry orchard family, baby kissing father Cherry tree farm Cherry tree farm blossom, mom hugging children Cherry orchard mom with kids Cherry orchard mom and dad being hugged by kids Cherry orchard little girl walking Cherry orchard little girl walking Cherry orchard little girl kissing mother Cherry orchard twin walking Cherry orchard twins hugging Cherry orchard girl and blossom Cherry orchard twins walking Cherry orchard blossom and twins hugging


May 21, 2019

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Family Session at The Old Courthouse in London | Family “F”


Meet the Fernandes family. They have been married for 25 years and have since then added four daughters to the bunch. I met most of the family for the first time at this London Courthouse family session, but I had the pleasure of meeting this mom of four over two years ago. And I really got to know her. Mom “F” was a Nurse Practitioner in the NICU where Stella was born. I think I saw her more days than not in the 120 days that Stella was in the hospital.

See, the amazing thing is that she’s had a very similar experience to mine. And the fact that she shared her story made me know that she knew what I was experiencing. The main thing that was different was that her pregnancy was a twin pregnancy. That’s right, Bianca and Meghan (the two girls on the right in the first image) were premature, due to the same reason as my daughter! And what’s most incredible is that they are both now in university. In fact, the oldest three are all in different universities. They’re studying important things like Law, Education, and Science I believe. I can imagine that their parents are very proud.

I know that they were excited to have all their girls (& Brady, Michaela’s boyfriend) home for Christmas, and I can imagine why! These girls have the kindest parents as examples, and you can sense that they genuinely care about you when you chat with them. Being part of a big group hug at the end of their session indeed confirmed that. Michaela, Bianca, Meghan, and Nicole, stay humble and kind! It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. You never know when you will impact a stranger the way you impacted me.

Brady & Michaela, the love you two have for each other is adorable. I wish you many more happy years together; may they be as amazing as the first four! Mr. & Mrs. “F”, I know you both lead busy lives. However, you’ve done a phenomenal job with your daughters. They really love you; it is so obvious, even though it was super cold! Happy anniversary to you both! My family and I wish you many more happy years together.

Look at these four, and imagine how much fun it would be to have a genuine picture like this with your own siblings!

Aaaaaaah! This would have to be my favourite capture of the entire session, because… well, look at these gorgeous smiles!!!

Michaela and Brady, you two are so amazing, I really felt honoured to photograph you two having so much fun together!

This location was perfect on the day of this session! Just a little bit of snow on the ground and some gorgeous people made my job super easy.


January 4, 2019

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Woodstock Tree Farm Mini Family Session | Sam and Her Boys


And here is my next mini session! Sam and her two boys arrived, ready to have some fun. Riley and Jaxon were true boys but at the same time showed their love for Sam so clearly. And Sam loves her sons so much, which is even more apparent. This Woodstock tree farm mini family session was another of my highlights from this past Saturday.

See an engagement session taken at the same location HERE.

These brothers are typical brothers! They love each other, which was very obvious. However, they also tried to do all the “brotherly” things to annoy each other, which any mother totally understands. And that honestly made the session more fun. Look at the picture just above, I told Jaxon and Riley to laugh at each other, and Riley didn’t even know what to do when Jaxon pulled this face. Of course, this brought their mom and me to tears.

Sam loved the DVI Style Guide! It’s a PDF I send all of my clients before their session, to help them get ready. What else do I recommend? Read all about that and more by clicking HERE.

This gorgeous lady needed to have a few shots of her by herself in my opinion. The few extra minutes it took were so worth it.

Thank you, Sam, for allowing me the privilege of capturing your family. I’m so glad it worked out this time!


December 6, 2018

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Coronation Park Fall Family Session in Tillsonburg | The Carpenter Family


Another family hits the blog! This fun Tillsonburg fall family session at Coronation Park was the perfect way to end a long streak of family sessions. There are only a few more this year, and then I have decided to take some time to focus on my home, wedding consultations, and perfecting the DVI experience! (Don’t know what I mean? Follow me on INSTAGRAM and you’ll see tidbits here and there!) Meet Mary and Travis; busy parents of four daughters, and one beautiful baby boy (you’ve got to see this little man’s lashes… sooo jealous)!

My sister has twins as well, and it’s not always easy, especially those first few months! However, Mary and Travis are such amazing parents; they take a little bit of drool as if nothing happened (I’d be a little flustered), and all these children are so obviously loved! I can’t wait to see especially the little ones change, it’s always such a melancholy feeling to watch them grow up! You want them to be healthy, but you also realize how quickly they aren’t “your little babies” anymore! Time flies, and it’s obvious that Travis and Mary cherish every moment they spend with them. Even though they probably wish for a little more peace once in a while. Which they well deserve!

Travis and Mary made me feel very valued at this session; it was so nice to hear that I was so different from what they have gotten from photographers in the past! They told me that it was so nice that I did all the hard work for them! To be very honest, it was not difficult to have fun with these girls. They are all so different from each other, not only in looks! Although we were all cold, we made do and had a wonderful time!

This is just such an adorable capture of this wonderful family. Look at how amazing all their reds and blues look together!!!

Let me just eat Daddy’s shoulder for a minute, ‘kay? So adorable!!!


November 1, 2018

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Brantwood Farms Apple Orchard Family Session | The McLeod Family


This orchard session was filled with action and APPLES! A dear friend referred me to this couple and I had the privilege of meeting Nick and Siobhan at this gorgeous Brantwood Farms apple orchard family session. Their little ones have the most unique names and I loved getting to know them all. Especially little Marcellus was a heart-thief, for some reason he reminds me of Gijs, the little man in MY COUSIN’S PHOTO SESSION in Holland last year! It made me miss them a little bit again, and means I should definitely plan another trip to Europe.

Once again, this family is very involved in pro-life work and it is truly such an honour to work with people who hold these values so close to their hearts. It’s been amazing getting to know these people, and I admire Siobhan so much! Her and I are very similar in a few things, the most important of which is the fact that we love to cook different foods. Siobhan mentioned that they rarely eat the same meal twice in a month and I love that! She might have mentioned a few amazing cooking tips as well. I’m working on perfecting those and I might just share some with you sometime soon!

Nick and Siobhan, thank you for letting me into your family, albeit only being for a few hours. It was so amazing getting to know you and what is important to you! I’m honoured to call you a friend. I can’t wait to see what is waiting for you in the future; I know God must have big plans for Nick and his pro-life legal work. May He bless all your labours. Wishing you all the best as you go into this winter. I know being a mom of three kids is not always easy, however, you are amazing for Perpetua, Marcellus, and Genevieve; you’re exactly what they need.



October 31, 2018

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Casual Autumn Roth Park Family Session


Summer gave us one more reminder of why we love it so much these last few days, and now we are officially heading into fall! That’s why I love this casual Fall Roth Park family session! With the combination of their coats and sweaters and the greenery… it just looks so cozy! I’d never been to Roth Park before, but when Delvia sent me some pictures I got really excited! And this location ended up being absolutely perfect! It really suited this family completely, graffiti-ed barn and all!

I got to know of Delvia through my dear sister-in-law’s store, Urban Wheel Co. in Tillsonburg. When I went the first time just after the store opened to support my friends, I found this amazing soap. I just knew I had to have for my client gifts! So Jess put us in touch (thanks, Jess!!!). To keep a long story short, I now give all my potential wedding clients the most adorable gift at their initial consultation (see some of their soaps HERE). Delvia and Amy are some of the most amazing women out there. Their hubby’s have shift work, so they started this business on the side to be able to stay home. I love supporting local, and these women just make it fun!

Anyways, meet Moe and Delvia, parents of three beautiful girls, Isabelle, Hannah, and Mya. The love these parents have for their children is so amazing! I know it can be challenging to raise kids, having four of them myself, but these girls were so well-mannered and sweet. Moe and Delvia, you’re doing an amazing job with these three, they are lucky to have you as parents!

Isabelle, you are a gorgeous young lady, but don’t grow up too fast! Enjoy being a young woman, and spending time with your friends! You have two amazing role models, who have molded you into a beauty, inside and out, and I know they love you to pieces. Wishing you a wonderful life, and may all your dreams come true (maybe even modelling one day?)!

Hannah and Mya, you two are just too cute to explain! Thank you for being so adorable and I know your mommy loved your bouquets! Hannah, maybe you’ll even be a florist one day, you did such a great job mixing colours and textures! I can’t wait to see what beautiful young ladies you will turn into, I’m sure your mommy realizes time will fly by, and that will happen before she is ready (am I right, Delvia?).

Fadel family, thank you so much for the honour of capturing you all last week, it was an incredible experience to get to know y’all a little bit! I can’t wait to work with more ladies like Delvia, and that just makes me super thankful to present you these images! Let me know what you think?


I mean, aren’t these two little ones just so cute!!!

Meet my sister in law, one of the faces behind Urban Wheel Co. HERE!


October 11, 2018

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