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I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding pho-tographer based in Southwestern Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life. I have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a great glass of wine, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately. Go see what there is to know about this amazing DVI community. If you want to learn more about me and my story...

I'm Dianne, and welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding pho-tographer  based  in   South-

western Ontario, and I just love meeting people in every stage of life. I have to admit that love stories are my favourite! I'd love it if you'd grab a great glass of wine, snuggle up on the couch, and browse through everything that I've been up to lately. Go see what there is to know about this amazing DVI community. If you want to learn more about me and my story...

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All My Session Favourites From 2019 | Ontario Photographer


I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it’s been this second year as an official Ontario photographer. I’ve made so many friends, hugged so many kids, congratulated ten newlywed couples as their photographer, and exceeded my expectations beyond belief. I just couldn’t help putting together this quick blog post on the first day of the new year, thanking all of my clients. Instead of picking just ten or so of my favourite photos, I decided to take my favourite of each session. This means that if you had a session with me (and I had permission to share), you’ll see one of your photos here below! Even my mini session clients that weren’t blogged are here!


I’ve grown immensely over this last year, and it’s something that brings me to a place of sincere gratitude! It wouldn’t have been possible without you! All my couples have put so much trust in me, and I hope I did not disappoint. The messages that I have received, especially from family members after a wedding of their son/daughter/sister/friend, have warmed my heart. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Florida to learn even more about serving you better, and then just recently to Vancouver for a gorgeous wedding! I captured so many families, and a lot of them became our friends. I’m excited for what the future holds, and I’d love to capture your family again this year.


To my couples getting married this year (whose engagement session is pictured below, and those who I haven’t gotten to capture yet); I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! Wherever and whenever you’re having your big day, just know that I’m more invested than you could imagine. I’ll be on hand before your wedding to help you set that timeline. And of course on your big day to capture all the things that you put so much thought into.


At the beginning of the month of March, I will be implementing the new DVI Family Session Experience. This is going to come with a few new surprises, in addition to the surprises that have already been in place up until now (don’t give it away if you know!) There will be something special for everyone, all in their own time. Mini sessions will still be available at least once this year; please feel free to reach out if you are wondering when they’ll take place. The DVI Family Session Style Guide is currently being updated and expanded, and it’s going to be amazing!!! All in all, if 2020 is only half as good to me as Ontario photographer as 2019 was, I will be very blessed.



The first wedding was such a cold one, but the couple made it easy. Shooting this wedding with Brittany was amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled to say that this wedding has been featured!!!

Elm Hurst Winter Wonderland Wedding



Our best friend got married, and I was delighted to capture this big day for them. Mark & Leona’s details were stunning, and the rain did not dampen the mood at all!!!

Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding

This sweetheart has been photographed multiple times by me, but this time was my absolute favourite.

Did you know I also do branding photography? On top of it, I honestly BELIEVE in this brand. Wild Comfort is my #1 go-to when it comes to my skincare routine.


Florida was a dream come true, and I could not be more honoured to have learned so much from Shauna and Jordon Cooney! These next two are my favourite images of each day’s styled shoot.

Thanks to the help of the amazing Anna from Spunky Sapphire Events, this shoot was everything that I dreamt of! It even ended up being published in Elegant Weddings, a Canadian wedding blog!

More brand photography, this time for Beautiful Empowered You, an organization helping young girls prepare for the world in the best way possible.

The love on Cana and José’s big day between the two of them and between their guests and them was absolutely amazing. If there was any day I could go back to, it would probably be this one.

University of St. Michael’s College Wedding



Spending a Saturday evening with Andrew & Julia was the best. Their wedding is only a little further down. Did I ever mention that Scarborough Bluffs has been on my shoot wishlist for a long time?

Oh, the bond of twins…

A very impromptu maternity session did not disappoint.

Hannah & Craig’s apple orchard session was done just after the rain, but one for the books.

Getting to know Cassie & Mike got me so excited for their 2020 wedding!!!

Sisters are the best of friends, am I right?


One of my absolute top ten for 2019, FOR SURE!!!

Our dear friends, Dylan and Sandra, who I got to photograph on our own 10-year anniversary!!! So amazing to put this together with Sandra, and I’m thankful for the memories that we made with them…

A mini maternity session near our home; I’m really going to miss this location when it’s going to be developed,


My favourite venue of all fo 2019; La Salle Park. Oh, and the most ridiculously fun couple too, of course!!!




La Salle Park Wedding

To capture friends at stunning locations like Pickering Beach makes our hearts feel so full…

Beautiful bellies have my heart. I still need to meet this baby girl, but it’s so amazing to have gotten to capture this bump.

My biggest engagement session gallery of all time was with Ali & Evan, and it’s definitely one of the weddings I’m most excited for in 2020. Knowing I get to go back to this venue is so exciting!!!

Meet Anna (the beauty and brains of Spunky Sapphire Events) and her family…

This little man, Evan, is so loved by his siblings. My heart just feels full when I look at this photo.

Summer mini sessions were a definite success this year!!!


An extended family with the most amazing colour-coordinated kids was fun to capture!!!

Another styled session I put together this past year, with the amazing Ally of Perfectly Designed Events! I absolutely love shooting at Cambridge Millrace Park.

Talk about an epic countryside photo! Meet the family of Danielle, the power behind Wild Comfort.

Another 2020 couple, who chose to have their engagement session at Pt. Burwell.

There were so many photos to choose from of this extended family session, but this photo of an adorable baby girl just stuck out. I really try to capture all the little details at every family session!

More branding photography and this was definitely one of my faves! Sarah is a genius when it comes to hair and makeup!

Our own family was used for this branding shoot, with wonderful flashcards from Muutma!

Talk about an epic photo of very special friends of ours! Long Point is such a versatile place to have your family session.


Firerock Golf Club Wedding

When I think of amazing out-takes, this is the first one that comes to mind. Never mind that mom and dad want to share a kiss… I’m sick of being held!!!

Whistling Gardens has to be one of my favourite local spots; so worth the admission!!!

The light at Hannah & Aaron’s Dundurn session was absolute perfection.

Niagara on the Lake. Need I say anything else?

Spencer Gorge has more opportunities than I’ve ever realized and it was the perfect fall spot.

Kevin & Meaghan’s details had to be shared here. Her shoes were just gorgeous!


Fall weddings…

Perth Countryside Wedding

Oxford County Countryside Wedding

Boys are so fun to capture and this family was an absolute blast!!!

A sweet newborn session in a gorgeous home…

Who knew that Woodstock has places like this?

Another extended family session for the books… What an adorable little man!

Talk about three fun girls…!


When I got the chance to capture this sweet family last minute, I couldn’t help it. This little girly might have been quick, but I was faster!!!

A Brantford engagement session with such soft light was absolute perfection!

Christmas photos have to be taken and I knew you’d all love to see that I can actually arrange a bigger family. I get a little crazy when I have to get the attention of the kids, though!!!

Spending a little time with the Gals that Brunch in Brantford was a night well spent!


More mini sessions! This time at the VandeKlooster Christmas tree farm.

One last newborn session…

A beautiful wedding day in the heart of Toronto. Dreams came true on this day!!!

Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Wedding


When I saw this space, I knew I had to get this photo. Talk about a breathtaking bride…

Burnaby Vancouver Winter Wedding

And that’s it! Thank you for scrolling all the way down…


January 1, 2020

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My Three Personal Goals


So it’s the first day of May and it’s going to be a great month! I have a trip to go on with the Grade 12 class of the school that my husband teaches at, my first wedding to shoot is in a few weeks, and I have several dates of mini sessions planned! It’s just going to be an amazing month professionally. However, that doesn’t mean I should lose sight of my personal goals, and I thought I’d share them with you so it makes it a little more real!


Firstly, I really want to work on some of my personal development. Because of a Professional Development Day that my husband attended yesterday, I had to open my heart a little. Let me explain. The PD Day was about the issue of Bullying. That is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, because of my past. Bullying has changed me, and it’s not always easy to live with that history. I’m sometimes disappointed by how this issue is handled, and I think the problem is much worse than it seems.

So I drafted a letter, opening up that I am still living with some of the consequences today of what some of my classmates/schoolmates did to me. Sometimes I wish I knew what I’d be like if I hadn’t lived through that. If I had been more “popular” (I hate that word), maybe I would have a better self-confidence today. But we will never know, so I’m really making the best of my life. And I have a wonderful life, a husband and four beautiful children to show for it, so I have it pretty good!

But it does take work to stay positive, thankfully in the summer less so than in the winter (thanks sunny weather)! I’m planning on taking some me time to really find out what is important to me. One of the things I already have booked is a Pro-life Crash Course. It’s put on by the Canadian Centre of Bio-Ethical Reform and Toronto Right to Life. And I’m so excited to find out more about how to defend my pro-life beliefs.


You may have seen my posts about Dr. Kevin Leman’s books on my Instagram. If you didn’t, you should check them out! I’m currently working through “Have a New Kid by Friday”. I am loving the simple reasoning behind the parenting techniques he describes. I can’t wait to get to the other ones I have, and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts about them on Instagram. The reason I ordered these books was because I felt I was raising my voice a little too often. Especially to my youngest son, he’s a little troublemaker, and I want to deal with that without having to get angry.

I don’t like anger, and it’s always wrong to discipline in anger. I’ve been making sure to walk away now if I start to feel it coming, and that is helping. I also want to make sure that our road trip this summer is a positive experience, and am hoping that this will help me come to more peaceful resolutions!


I’m sure you know by now that we are super passionate about healthy eating, but I just found out it’s about so much more than that! There are the household products we use (which I’ve been careful with for a while now), but there is even your toiletries! Did you know that cotton is one of the products that the most pesticides are used on? I didn’t either! So when I use my toner, I’m adding multiple chemicals to it, which completely undoes the effort I put into choosing the best and healthiest toner. So I had to find organic cotton pads as well.

Our journey continues, and I can’t wait to see where it will go. Is it more expensive? Yes, it is. But at the same time, we all eat less (which cuts down on costs), and we feel so much better, function better and more efficiently (which is just great all around)! To be honest, I saw the biggest difference within the first 3 to 4 weeks. I can still notice it on my body if I let it go for a guilty pleasure or a meal out. I know not everyone can afford to live an organic lifestyle, but if there is one thing you should give up today it’s “regular” corn. Corn chips (Doritos, yes, I know!), corn bread, corn starch, corn anything… From now on, just buy that organic and non-GMO. And let me know how it goes for you!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings. For you and for me. I’d love to serve you on a personal level so you can make an impact on my personal goals. I’d love to get to know you and your loved ones at a family or couple session this summer! And I will probably surprise you on the way, you just watch and see!


Thought that was interesting? Read about my three professional goals HERE!



May 1, 2018

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My Three Professional Goals for the 2018 Photography Season


Good evening, friends! It’s been a beautiful few days here in South-Western Ontario, and I’m starting to dream about summer! Spring is only weeks away, well, officially anyway. Who knows how long we’re going to wait for warm weather this year… My daffodils and tulips are starting to poke out of the ground, and it’s getting the kids even more excited than me! We won’t even talk about the hubby. I think he’s just excited that he can send his students outside without any possibility of hearing the “it’s too cold” excuse. 😉

The other thing this current weather is making me dream about is all the family sessions that I’m having this summer. I’ve already started booking them, and as we are also gone on a trip for three weeks, and I’m really trying to limit myself, I can honestly say that availability is limited for this summer. So I’d get your inquiries in sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out. There have been some amazing adjustments to my session packages, and they’re all for the better (dare I say high resolution images included?).

I do think it’s so important to set goals for the year and revisit them at the end of the year to see if they’ve been met or could have been improved on. It’s kind of like a version of New Year resolutions, but as I’m making these public, I better hold myself to them! I promise I will be posting about these later this year to let you know how I have done.



ONE | Go Above and Beyond

My first goal is to go above and beyond, whatever type of session you book with me. My personal motto is always to love and serve, and I’m going to be super vigilant about that this year. I want to build relationships with my clients; I would love to see your families grow, whether we meet when you are engaged, newly pregnant, or have an established brood with a few children. I want to be the person you think of when you think of capturing the memories of the life you are currently living. I want to be there if you’re having a hard day, or if you’ve just bought your first home together and are decorating! I want to surprise you along the whole way, make the whole experience something you’ve never expected.

I always find that the little touches are what matters most, and what’s important to you is important to me. I’d love to really get to know you, and be a unique photographer in the fact that your experience with me matters more than our business relationship. This is also why I will blog about tips (some great ones here and here!!!) to help you get the most out of your session!



TWO | Focus on Depth and Composition

It’s one thing to have a great location, it’s a complete other thing to make this great location look amazing! I’ve been trying very hard to take advantage of everything that a location has to offer, and sometimes that results in images that are very unexpected, but way beyond what my clients or myself could have imagined!

I do have to admit, it’s a lot easier for me to provide stunning images when the light is right, for some reason that comes easy to me, but I really want to learn how to lead the eye right to my subjects in a natural way using leading lines and proper composition. Like when a family is framed between two trees, it is so easy to focus on the family, and it adds real interest to the background. One other trick that I’m working on is shooting through branches or other natural options to create some sort of blurry framing to create a really unique focal point. I cannot wait to practice these more, and I’m sure excited to deliver you images that show that I’ve been improving!


THREE | Impact Couples and Families

My husband and I have been happily married for over 8.5 years, and I can’t wait to see all you newly engaged couples and be an impact on your relationships. Whether it be with applicable gifts, touches of love throughout the whole experience, or just being there if you need to talk, I want to be there as much as a friend, than a photographer! Wedding planning is not without stress, and I think it’s meant to be that way to really put a relationship to the test before your big day!

I’m here in my capacity as photographer, but I would love to be there as an aid through your wedding planning. If you have any questions about what is going to look best on your blog post, e.g.white pumpkins or wooden lanterns, feel free to shoot me an email, and I will definitely attempt to give you an unbiased opinion. Dealing with overbearing family members, no matter how much you love them, is hard! So when it comes to family portrait time, let me be the bad guy and convey your message to them in my own words, while keeping our relationship as utmost importance. I want to be a good example, but I also want to be real with you!



March 6, 2018

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Stella’s Adjusted First Birthday | Cake Smash


My heart is full. Absolutely brimming! I am so thankful to God that He has given me this gift to capture these beautiful tender moments, and that He has given us this beautiful girl. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize what an absolutely joy and miracle she is and what meaning she has brought to my life. Just over a year ago we were able to bring her home after a long bed rest and NICU stay. For a girl who wasn’t supposed to survive, she is doing absolutely amazing. Now I am going to try to just let you enjoy these images, this has been a dream of mine for so long, I can’t believe it came true!! I would absolutely love your feedback on these!

This delicious cake was made by the wonderful Flour Design Wedding Cakes. It was so adorable and tasted even better than it looked! Stella definitely approved.

Mama, just let me dig in already! I don’t think she knew how yummy it was, because believe me, if she had, there would be a lot more images like the one on the left!

Baby feet are my weakness! Just love these little toes.

And these fingers…

After a bit it became apparent that she had enough cake and just wanted to see how far she could fling it. It was too fun to watch!

Time for a bath!

I can’t wait to capture more of these sessions, kids are so beautiful to watch when they are so busy in their little minds! On behalf of my family and I, a big thank you to all our friends and family and clients for caring so much about this little one, your kindness will never be forgotten!

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January 26, 2018

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Niagara Falls | The importance of some “us-time”


“A marriage takes work”. My sister got a card from a friend of her (then brand-new) husband that made her raise her eyebrows a little bit. Their friends wished them all the best in their marriage and advised them to work on their marriage, keep communicating, and not to take each other for granted. My sister thought to herself, “well, okay then, that’s a little strange.” Little did she know, she would think on that message often, for many years to come. And their friends were right; marriage takes work! It’s not like as soon as you are married, you will be happy for the rest of your life, no matter what happens. It’s important to remember that in ONE marriage, there are still TWO people! Two different characters, sometimes two different religions; two completely different lives that all of a sudden need to adapt to one another. You’re putting two completely different people in one home, and that is going to bring its challenges! I clearly remember times where my hubby and I had different ways of dealing with our difference of opinions; he would need some time to chill, and I needed to talk it out. We couldn’t both have exactly what we wanted so we have found a way to compromise and give us both what we need, and with God’s help we have made it so far! It’s been almost 10 years since our first date, and I can not say that where I am today is where I thought I would be. I had different things in mind. But then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way now!

My husband being a private school teacher and us not having made very smart financial decisions in our first few years of marriage made things tight, which definitely limited what we could spend our money on, and how much time we had left over after his summer job as well. Thankfully things have improved, and after a busy year-and-a-half with our little girl (Stella, our preemie, a whole other story!!!), we have really started putting aside time to spend together. And that led to this fairly impromptu little getaway. Putting being a wife first isn’t always easy; children need constant care and discipline (yes, the carrot and sometimes the stick – not a real stick, though!), but when I mentioned going away for a few days, having my husband say that he would totally be up for that, only if it meant it would be the two of us; that meant a lot. I’ve been having some anxiety due to our daughter’s extended NICU stay last year, and I was so excited to be focusing on the two of us for a change without the (albeit usually very welcome) distraction of our kids. So off we went, we left our oldest daughter (Jenelle, 7) at our parents and our three little ones (Pieter, 6, Easton, 4, and Stella, 12 months adjusted) in the capable hands of one of our dear friends, Janita. We arrived fairly late in the day on Monday, and after a short and chilly walk to the Falls from our hotel room, we took advantage of the Jacuzzi in our room as well as the bottle of wine that was included in our stay. Having a full night of sleep was wonderful, even though Bert woke up the next morning complaining of a sore neck. (He likes a flat pillow, and sad to say these were some of the fluffiest pillows out there. Next time he’ll be taking his own.) The second day involved an amazing breakfast at one of the local IHOPs (I had the chicken florentine crepes, oh my word, I am so replicating these one of these days!!!), it was one of the first times that I did not envy my hubby’s meal!

We then went to a chocolate factory, Chocolate FX, where we learned about where chocolate comes from, got to taste 100% chocolate, yummmmmm!!!, and even sampled a delicious chocolate dipped strawberry.

A short walk at the grounds of the Butterfly Conservatory. My dear husband had to be a test subject more than once, just to make sure I got the settings right for any portraits that I wanted to have taken to use on my website. To say he wasn’t thrilled may be a slight understatement, but he was definitely the best at making me smile!

From there we went to Konzelmann Estates Winery, a Masterchef Canada associated winery, and had a wonderful tour guide lead us through the process and sampled four delicious wines! We purchased their peach wine; if you’re into fruit wines, but don’t love the sweetness of them, this is a must-try!!! It was amazing!

Did you know that ice wine is made from frozen grapes, they are harvested in the middle of the night, and each grape only produces one drop of juice (thus the price tag on ice wine!).

Our tour guide, Michael was hilarious!

From there, we did another scenic tour and ended up at one of the lookouts overlooking the Niagara river, this is more downstream.

That night we had a wonderful dinner at the Skylon tower, sadly it was just too cold to carry my camera the whole way there, (only to find out that there was free parking), it’s definitely something I recommend you do once, though. My kids now really want to go, but I think it might be a few years before that happens. I want them to truly appreciate the experience, and some of them are a little young yet.

The next morning we had breakfast in bed (okay, it was just a banana and coffee, but still), after which we went for another long, albeit cold, walk along the falls, this time all the way to the other side. Overnight the whole bottom had frozen over, it seemed like there were at least 3 feet of ice down there. Looking at where the water went over the falls, my husband mentioned it looked like a slushie, that’s how much small ice was in the water!

A moment of reprieve from the cold in one of the tourism buildings near the falls…

From there we packed up our stuff, stuffed our bellies full at Almac’s Buffet and headed homewards, stopping on the way at Ball’s Falls, another beautiful setting for photos!

Don’t mind the funny face, I just had to add it. This is what most of the pictures looked like, due to my husband acting like such a fool. Oh how I love the man!

We had a few wonderful days with just the two of us, really reconnecting, having meaningful conversations without any distractions (except for maybe, “more coffee?”), but I did feel like the way home took super long. At a certain point, it is just time to be back home with the kids! They were pretty happy to have their Mama and Papa home again, especially when the chocolate dipped rice crispy squares with sprinkles were discovered!



January 8, 2018

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Happy New Year!


The year of our Lord, two thousand eighteen. A new year; a new chapter! This is my first official day as Dianne Velthove Imagery! I am so excited to announce this, it has been in the plans for a few months now, and I am just glad I no longer have to keep that secret. I am horrible at keeping secrets, btw. This year will bring so many exciting things, just to start it off right, my husband and I are taking a few days out (just the two of us… yippee!) and heading to Niagara Falls to enjoy some wine and chocolate… and our room even has a hot tub! We got the “Romantic Package”… my husband was worried for a minute that it included a couples massage, but, sad to say, that is not included. Last year started with our daughter still in the hospital, thankfully this year already started better than that, even though she is a bit under the weather.

A new year usually starts with at least one resolution for that year, and this is mine: I pledge to continue treating people with respect, and try to make their life better every day. I am responsible for my own actions and it does not matter how I am treated; what I do is what makes a difference. This last year I have learned that there are often things going on in people’s lives that we have no idea about and that is what makes them be the way they are. It is always good to treat people with respect, no matter how hard it can be. We have a tough year behind us. Then again, what year isn’t tough? I am proud of the woman I have become, especially in my role as wife and mother. That will always come first, no matter what! That doesn’t mean that this business is not important to me, in fact, it is because of this business that we can do many of the things we do, and I get to experience many new things, which has been a huge part of my growth. I will be sharing more of my personal life in my posts this year, it is part of my plan to be an example. I would love to hear your feedback, and cannot wait to share our big milestones with you.

I will always be truthful on here, I am not one to pretty things up. This first month my goal is to share at least one personal post every week, coming up soon is my daughter’s adjusted first birthday cake smash session. I had planned to do it already, but due to her being under the weather, I will be waiting until she is feeling back to her old self. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. I am also planning on finishing a few courses in the next few months, and in the mean time, we will be finishing up some home renovations, and getting our basement back in the organized state that it should be. My husband is currently working on a project which I will be sharing as well, he is making our own dining room table! I am so excited to share this with you all, this project has been in the planning stages for so long, it’s finally getting to the point where I can see us using it in the next few weeks!

There is one week of holidays left, and I for one am going to be sad that it’s over. This year we really stuck around the house, and went to no large Christmas gatherings to keep our little one safe (and then she still got sick). We have done so many fun things, and after these three days out with just the two of us, I am hoping to get a few more things done that were on our Christmas Break bucket list. Before long, I will be getting these kids ready for school early in the morning again, I’ll miss them more than I want to admit! I think that is enough for today, I’m hoping you will enjoy this freezing cold weather, and my family and I wish you a blessed 2018. May all your hopes and dreams for this year become a reality!


January 1, 2018

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