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We plan your custom timeline to suit your vision and ensure that everything that you've put so much effort into will be captured.

We capture your engagement session and wedding day WITHOUT TIME LIMITS! 

Your sessions are blogged, and you're going to be so surprised by your huge gallery!

We plan your album design and within months of your wedding you will have a gorgeous book in your hands!



the best part!


you wholeheartedly believe that your marriage
is so much more than just your wedding DAY.


you want to cherish that moment when you see your spouse-to-be for the first time on your big day.


you've only booked the venue so far and know that your next biggest decision is your photographer.


You're up for sneaking out for some
alone time at sunset to unwind.


you Know your man is the best thing that could
ever happen to a woman! (But he's yours... EEEEK!)


you love all the details and can't believe how
much time you were willing to spend on them.


you'd find any excuse to wear your dress
one more time after your wedding day.


you've got back-up plans
for your back-up plans.


you know that you both may not be perfect,
but you're perfect for each other.


you've made it all the way through!
Girl, you are totally OUR bride!!!





You Might be a #DVIBride IF...


We deliver your custom wedding day experience by planning your tailored timeline throughout the months leading up to your big day, ensuring that everything that you've put so much love into is captured.

love, Dianne & Bertus

We're there all day!!!


Yes, you read that right. We believe that anyone should be able to have every part of their day photographed. We pride ourselves on tailoring each and every wedding day to the vision of our sweet couples,

FROM getting ready in the morning

to your ceremony, of course

all the way till the night time festivities

Dinner, speeches, and that special first dance. You want it all captured. And we want you to be able to look back at it and remember it as if it was just yesterday. This time of the day is most special to your guests, and we believe that everyone should have these photos!

The reason we're all here, the moment you say "I do". You walk  into your ceremony as a man and a woman who love each other and couldn't imagine your lives without each other. You walk out as newlyweds, and the smiles on your faces say it all!

Due to the fact that we're with the two of us, we're able to capture both of you getting ready. Hair, makeup, and of course all the details; it's often our favourite time of your day as we really get to spend time with you and the level of anticipation is so high!




We started this brand with the belief that weddings can be free of stress. So preferably, there should be no tough decisions for you as bride and groom! And that's how it was for quite some time. At a certain point we realized that our relationships with our couples deserved even more. Drum roll, please!

Introducing the dvi

-Legacy Experience-

This option includes an album and a lifelong membership to receive an annual portrait session. To learn more about this, please inquire below.

No, actually! Every DVI Experience is captured as a team. Dianne taught Bertus so much over the years, and it's amazing working together as we can anticipate exactly what the other person is thinking. We love working with each other consistently, because it really takes away from any additional stress of your wedding day and keeps everything flowing as smoothly as possible. Another reason we love photographing together is that it's so much more natural to spend time together as two couples and we've found a huge difference when we realized that our back and forth banter puts our couples at ease during what could be the most stressful time of their day. Also, Bertus is the absolute best veil-fluffer!!!!

1) do you photograph weddings by yourself? 



Well, it was June 12, 2009. I was wearing a gorgeous gown, but as a young bride I didn't know the reality of what wedding planning all included. Our photographer showed up at 8:00 AM (we had an early wedding). He left at 4:00 PM. He didn't offer to stay if we paid for an extra hour. He seemed eager enough to get out of there. This was our one-and-only wedding day and we were just so stunned that we didn't get to make more memories. This is why I'm so passionate about tailoring a custom experience for every single bride and groom for one price. No hidden fees, because you deserve honesty and respect.

2) what's the story behind your all-day photography?



Well, that is just such a great question! First of all, you should know that every photo ends up on two memory cards. This way, if one malfunctions, we have a backup! We keep the full ones in a special case in a secure location all day. When we come home, Bertus unloads the car, while I immediately start putting all your photos onto our first hard-drive. The next business day, I copy them onto our second hard-drive. No photos are deleted from memory cards until your full gallery is delivered, just to be on the safe side! 

3) how secure are our photos after you leave?



Yes, we do. But when it comes to destination or non-local weddings, it is even more important that we are the absolute perfect fit. We often spend even more time together when you travel, and as we make a huge investment of our time away from our family, we want to make sure that we both are 100% confident that we can serve you the way you deserve. This is why we limit our destination weddings to one or two a year. We still photograph all destination weddings together, so you will still get the exact same experience as if you were to have a local-to-us wedding.

4) do you travel for weddings?



No we don't. But we have some amazing videographers that we can recommend! We love working with videographers, because we realize that you are doing everything you can to capture the magic of your big day so that you can enjoy it for years to come. We see videographers as our coworkers on your big day, and we want us both to "win" and have great products to deliver you in the end!

5) do you include videography in your package?






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"Dianne captured the brightness of our day even in dark weather! She is an artist who puts her heart and soul into images that reflect the spirits of the people around her. Working with her was stress-free, as we were confident that she had considered everything necessary to create meaningful memories of our wedding day."

Emily & Mark

"Dianne and Bertus' attention to detail and patience with me as an extremely low maintenance bride were so helpful. She captured the wedding day so well - we received SO many compliments on the photos! We would definitely recommend them as your wedding photographer!"

Hannah & Craig

"Dianne and Bertus were a major component in making our wedding a flawless, memorable event. If you want expertise, quality, and over-the-top creativity -- not to mention just having a blast of fun -- look no further, book with them as soon as possible."

Hannah & Aaron

"We were looking for a photographer, but we weren't expecting to make great friends too!  Thank you for making it so enjoyable and easygoing, we feel blessed to have had you there!"

Cana & Jose

"Dianne and Bertus are delightful photographers, and they made both our engagement session and our wedding day an exciting and amazing experience! My husband and I would recommend them to capture anyone’s special day!"

Meaghan & Kevin

"Dianne and Bert really have found their calling, not only as a gorgeous couple of photographers, but as motivators and mood-lifters. I can't say thank you enough. This wedding truly would've been nothing without them. Thank you!"

Julia & Andrew

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